Melaka Bird Park. Walking among Birds

Melaka Bird Park

Melaka has lots of little parks that you could visit with the kids. Thats not too expensive or large that it might make you exhausted. Especially when you have toddlers with you.  There is the Coral Wonderland Melaka (which is smaller than the Aquaria at KLCC), Mini Malaysia Melaka, Melaka Zoo and more.

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So this time around when we went back to Melaka, I brought the little ones for an outing at the Melaka Bird Park.

At first  it didn’t look like much cause the reception and ticketing area appeared rather gloomy. But when you have entered the spacious park, you’ll be surprised especially by the size and how bright the place is. There are birds flying around. They even came to eat from your hand, seat on your head and shoulders. Two even landed on my shoulder. My kids were really amazed. You could even buy 3 small cups of bird food for RM10 to feed the birds. As people was feeding the birds at the entrance. So most of the birds were there. A big macaw managed to get the plastic cup of food from my hands.

Spacious and Bright
Birds waiting for visitors

There were benches and shades around the park for people to sit and rest their legs. We didn’t get a chance to enjoy the shade as the kids were busy running around chasing peacocks and chickens.

There is also an elevated walkway where you can see whats happening below. Accessible by a lift of stairs located all around the park. It a really a fun to see to see the birds fly around way above the ground.

Save on your hotel -

You won’t find many species of birds to see here but its interesting place for a short visit.

Melaka Bird Park Operation Hours

Melaka Bird Park is open daily from 9.00am to 6:00pm.

Melaka Bird Park Admission Fees / Tickets

Adult (13 years and above) with MyKad – RM 17.80

Child (3-12 years) with MyKid – RM 11.85

Senior Citizen and OKU – RM11.85
Adult (13 years and above) without MyKad– RM 23.70

Child (3-12 years) without MyKad– RM 17.80

Senior Citizen and OKU without MyKad – RM17.80


Melaka Bird Park, Taman Botanikal, Lebuh Ayer Keroh 75450, Melaka

Tel: +06-231 3333

Fax: +06 231 3339
Website :- 


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