The St. Paul’s Hill- A little climb to History

The St. Paul's Hill- A little climb to History

After the Malacca Sultanate Palace, we opt to go up the hill to the St. Paul Church. We start at the bottom at the Porta de Santiago. The Porta de Santiago is what’s left of the A Formosa Fort. The Porta de Santiago is the most famous historical landmarks in Melaka. And you can see by the number of people visiting the Porta de Santiago. The Porta is actually a small gate house of the fortress.




After the photo opt at the gate, we walked up a flight of stairs to the St. Paul’s Church. The walk-up is great and large trees provided some shade from the evening sun. Along the way there are locals selling their wares such as paintings, small souvenirs and so on. The walk up is worth it. Reason being upon reaching up, the view is spectacular. You can see the old Malacca for miles. Upon reaching the top you will come to the ruins of the St. Paul Church.


Inside the church there are many tombstones and also the grave site where St. Francis was buried before his body was exhumed to be buried in Goa.

At the entrance there is a statue of St.Francis. The statue had one of its hands missing due to a bomb during the second world war.

We followed the path which brought us down to the other part of the Historical Melaka. Thanks to the large trees the walk was not too bad

My Verdict

A good slow walk up the hill. We went in the evening which made it quite hot. I supposed the mornings are better with all the greenery around. But it’s alright as there are a number of large trees to shade us. As there are many stairs. This is not a place for the elderly and wheelchair bound. But the view from the top of the hill is spectacular. Do note at times there will be lots of tourist.



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