Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

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Tanah Rata is actually the centre of Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. This is only one town out of the many towns in Cameron Highlands. From the foothill, we will reach Ringlet before we reach Tanah Rata. After Tanah Rata, we can go to Brinchang and the highest town would be Kea Farm. Tanah Rata is the place where there are a community hospital, post office, government offices and shops. The sights and attractions are located around these towns.

Sights and Activities
Boh Tea Plantation – This is a family-owned plantation which produces excellent tea leaves for generations. We get to see the process of planting to the process of harvesting and the finished product. We can enjoy the drink at the cafe, which opens up to a terrific, panaromic view of tea trees. The cool breeze will transport you to an European country. There are scones and sandwiches to accompany your drink.
Cactus Valley – Wecan head over to the Cactus Valley to look and enjoy a variety of cactus. Please do not mistake it for a real valley. It is just a name given to the shop. Three small pots of cactus cost RM10 while a moderate-sized cactus will cost between RM 5- RM 10. There are other plants and souvenirs available for sale.

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