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PD Windmill Farm – A little Mix and Match Park

The latest attraction to Port Dickson. Located on the main of Port Dickson, Jalan Pantai. This park is sort of mix and match of a few attractions in one place. Its a cross between a Petting Z, an Antique Museum, a Haunted House.There is also littered along the pathway large furniture and things.
You start with the Petting Zoo. First there’s a little area with hamsters where kids can feed the hamsters. Then you go into a bird enclosure. Then off to the cat enclosure. My kids love cats so we spent a long time here. Then off to the rabbits enclosure. Here you get the chance to feed the rabbits with pellets that you can buy at the entrance. My suggestion is they should gave done like Farm in the City, sell some freshly cut carrots and celery. I think the rabbits would love that.

The Hamster Enclosure


The Bird Enclosure

The Chicken and Geese Enclosure

Playing With the Cats

Feeding Rabbits

Then you go into a wooden house where they have some antique and a very large chair. Next to the house is the Haunted House which we didn’t venture in. It didn’t look very inviting.

Antique Museum

Then along the pathway to the exit, there are large household things that you can take out photos.


My verdict.

Its a nice place to pass the time away before lunch. But the owners should add more different pets if they want to attract kids. And stick to the Petting Zoo idea. Cause Port Dickson don’t have a Petting Zoo. And kids nowadays don’t get much chance to play with different pets. They should visit Farm in the City. My kids loved Farm in the City
Entrance Fee:- RM20 Adults
                             RM15 Children
Opening Hours :- 9am till 7pm

Address:            Lot 3636 Batu, 9, Jalan Pantai, 71050 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

Telephone :-     017-235 3373