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11 Road Trips Essentials in my Car

Traveling broadens the mind. And we love traveling. When we travel, I like to do road trips. Reason being we can see more during the drive. We could also discover hidden gems. Once when we were in Kedah, we found the Science Centre, at the back of the Paddy Museum. It was not listed even in the Trip Advisor Website. All through our travels, I have added Road Trip Essentials to my car. To make the trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

Now that I have time as we can’t travel. I have listed some Road trip Essentials. That is in my car during our road trips. 

Foldable Cups.

I have five collapsible cups, one for each member of my family. The cups is not only useful for beverages. I use it when my kids have ice creams in the car. So they don’t drip any ice cream in the car. As the cups are collapsible, thus it doesn’t take much space.

Sleeping bags.

I first bought two of these sleeping bags as extra blankets for when we stayed at hotels. Cause few small hotels supply extra blankets. And also some air-conditioned was quite hard to control. But we found it useful on cold rainy days on our road trips

Round Led Torch Lights.

Every car should have one for emergencies. I have 3, one for each kid. I bought the one that had a hook and could also be a power bank. You could hook up to a selfie stick as a table lamp. Useful when dining in a dimly lit area.


Malaysia is sunny throughout out the year. You need to have some sort of black out curtains in your car. I have three types for different areas of my car for different reasons. I have a half window curtain at the rear. Cause the curtains I got could only cover 3/4. To cover the rest I use metal binders and a large handkerchief. That I learned from Pinterest. Click on my YouTube video 11 Road Trip Essentials that is in My Car. if you would like to see how to do it. The third curtain was something I got from a Daisho store. A curtain with suction cups that I could remove whenever we didn’t need it. This was for the front passenger.

Car Tables.

I have a PVC car table with compartments for water, tissue and a mini dustbin in my second row. And two plastics one at the back row. These tables are useful for snacks and even some activities for the kids. Example playing with their Lego blocks and coloring.



I let each kid choose their own cushion. So they are comfortable. So we don’t a specific theme in my car. I have also two small cushions that can be fixed to the seat belts. A place to rest your head.

First Aid Kit

Another important thing every car should have is a First Aid Kit. What I got is a simple one that fits into my dashboard. You can get these at any pharmacy. Before your trip ensure that there are no expired medicines. Also my wife like to bring a set of their medication. The normal ones will be for their cough, flu and fever.

Power Storage.

I like to also stock up on lots of power banks as each kid have their own gadget. I like to make sure my mobile is constantly powered up in case there is an emergency. Lately I have purchased two solar panels to charge my devices. One came with a large power bank


We need lots of tissue. With 3 kids you need lots of tissues in the car.

Toys and Activities.

We have a rule in the car. When the car is moving, no mobile devices. So on long trips, each kid brings a toy and coloring book. To do in the car. With the girl, she likes to bring her soft toys. I joined 2 S hooks to a motorbike net. And we have a small hammock to put her soft toys. You can view how it looks like in my YouTube video

Mobile phone Mount.

Lastly and just as important. A good mobile phone mount. As we normally visit destination that we have been before I use a lot of Waze and Google Maps. You need to keep your eyes on the road as well as know where you will be heading. I avoid those mobile phone mounts that are above the dashboard or fixed to your windscreen. That normally will distract my driving. Its very dangerous. So I have one that can be mounted to my air-conditioned.


Well here’s my 11 Road trip Essentials that is in my car. Hope it’s been helpful. Do visit my other post to see my beautiful Malaysia. You want to find Fun Activities to do in Malaysia. Visit my post.