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A New Chapter in Travel at Malaysia.com – Vanlife

When I was studying in Kuala Lumpur, some 30 years ago. I came across a Volkswagen Kombi that have been converted into a campervan complete with a kitchen and a stove. I was so intrigued. The idea of having a campervan to travel was nice.
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Until now I still have this idea of buying a Volkswagen Kombi and converting into a campervan. But with present day commitments and kids. It was not practical to buy a Kombi. So I settled for an Alza. But I still watch videos and read articles on setting up Campervans. Thats where I came across this Youtube Channel “24traveller”. Here I saw people converting ordinary cars to campervans and travelling around.
So I planned what items I needed to make my Alza as comfortable for my family of five to travel. We might not sleep in it overnight but it will be nice to just park anywhere and rest comfortably before our next journey.

Well below are the things that I purchased, mainly online to make my mini campervan.
  1. USB Extender – to add length to my usb wire. 2 nos
  2. Magnetic Led Rechargeable Lights 3 nos – incase we stay out late
  3. Picnic Table with benches – For Dining
  4. Camper Shower Bag – for showering and washing up
  5. Fan – 3nos- to cool us
  6. Changing Tent – for changing and showering
  7. Beach Tent – for shaded resting during the day
  8. Mini Solar panels – for electricity
  9. Inflatable beds 2 nos – for sleeping
  10. Car Cooler Bag – for storing cool drinks
  11. A foldable picnic chair
  12. Some plastic plates and cup
Our first camp picnic was at the Pantai Cahaya Negeri in Port Dickson. This place is normally full on weekends with families camping. The place is well lit at night and have toilet facilities until quite late. We didn’t camp overnight but spend the day just on the beach. All in all it was a fruitfull first camp/picnic trip.

So do come back for more of my Travel At Malaysia escapes.

Top 20 Reasons Why You Should Visit Malaysia

A land of many colors and cultures, Malaysia is the ideal holiday destination. From bustling cities to beautiful beaches, verdant rainforests to warm waters rich with marine life, there are so many beautiful places in Malaysia to see, and so much to do.

There are countless reasons to visit Malaysia, but here are the top twenty:

1. Malaysia is the ideal blend of east and west. With all the comforts of the Western world at your fingertips, you are free to explore the rich Malaysian culture – from visiting major cities to exploring areas of natural beauty. And when you come home exhausted from sight-seeing, there are hot power showers, five-star standard accommodation and international cuisine according to preference.

2. Visiting Malaysia is great for the budget traveler, as everything – from hotels to food, transport to shopping – can be done cheaply if you do your research.

3. Malaysian society is geared towards tourism, so everywhere you go you will find accommodation to suit your pocket, people ready to help you find your way, and travel/transport facilities to give you access to all the important sites and attractions.

4. If you’re crazy for culinary delights, you’ll fall in love with Malaysian food. Local dishes reflect Malay, Indian and Chinese influences, and are famous for being a little spicy, a little eclectic, and whole lot delicious! Make sure you try the famed nasi lemak, Malaysia’s national dish – coconut rice served with a spicy chilli based paste called sambal along side with fried anchovies and peanuts, omelet and cucumber. Sell famously delicious items in most towns, and the seafood is also exceptional along the coast.

5. Whether you’re looking for big brand name goods or indigenous art pieces, Malaysia is the place to shop. Kuala Lumpur is the shopping capital, and the shops will put on grand sales at least twice a year to draw in tourist shoppers. The multitude of malls cater to every desire and taste, with products made in the Far East side by side with more recognizable brands. There are malls in Penang and Langkawi too, for those looking to combine a beach retreat with some holiday shopping.

6. Dreaming of palm-fringed beaches of white sand, and waves gently lapping at the shore? This dream is a reality at Malaysia’s many beach resorts. Sun sea and sand enthusiasts will be delighted at Malaysia’s kilometers of coastline and idyllic islands, with their pristine stretches of sand and clean waters.

7. A glance at the Malaysia map reveals much more than just beaches. Malaysia is also home to rainforests of untold natural beauty, a veritable treasure-trove of flora and fauna. Take an excursion or an adventure tour to get to grips with the rainforests in all their ecological beauty.

8. If the beach resorts and nature treks are not really your scene, Malaysia’s big cities will definitely keep you occupied. Shopping is not the only activity on offer. You can also check out the myriad of fantastic restaurants and cafes in Kuala Lumpur, or browse the night markets, sampling satay and collecting souvenirs as you go! Day or night, there’s always plenty to do.

9. Malaysia’s amusement parks are all-round great fun for families, and a must-visit while in the country. Take a ride up to Genting to see the sprawling multi-million ringgit theme park at 2,000 meters (there are hotels and casinos nearby too), or visit Sunway Lagoon, a giant complex on 80 acres that includes a full-size resort and a water park as well as countless rides, attractions and eateries.

10. Of course, one of Malaysia’s premier attractions is the countless places of historical and cultural interest to visit. A trip to Malacca, heart of Malaysian history, is imperative – the city abounds with beautiful buildings, including St Paul’s Church, the Sultanate Museum and the A’Famosa Fortress. Gerogetown in Penang is also a UNESCO heritage site steeped in rich history and culture, and sightseers are urged to explore both cities.

11. Beautiful places in Malaysia include natural wonders of immense beauty and man-made structures of exceptional grandeur, like the Batu Caves near KL or the giant caves in Gunung Mulu National Park in Sarawak. Usually these spots are associated with beautiful temples that are decorated in amazing detail.

12. Visitors to Malaysia love the temperate weather – though there is a monsoon season, the weather is pleasant year-round, and even during rains there are often sunny spells in between.

13. Aside from traditional Malaysian dishes, one of the big attractions of eating in Malaysia is the variety of fresh fruit available. Mangoes, lychees and mangosteens are widely available, as well as the more unusual durian and rambutans.

14. Malaysia is now home to numerous sporting events, so if you’re a fan you’ll find this the ideal spot to catch up on your favorite. Watch the Petronas Grand Prix and the Tour de Langkawi, or check out some action on the water at the Langkawi International Regatta or the annual Surfing Competition in Pahang.

15. Aside from sports, other cultural events are being held which may also interest the discerning traveler. The World Kites Festival promises to be a colourful affair, as does National Craft Day and the Chinese New Years’ celebration. Throughout the year there are many fun and fascinating events to attend.

16. A country rich in traditional and culture, Malaysia produces a wide variety of handicraft items, including hand carved wooden panels, pewter decorations, rattan bags and baskets and batik textiles. Learn the skills, or simply pick up a few pieces as souvenirs.

17. Nature lovers will fall in love with Malaysia’s rainforests, but aside from plant life there are also many animal species to be found in their natural habitats, including monkeys, leopards, tigers bears and rhinos. If you prefer your animals a little more contained, the KLCC Aquaria is worth a visit, as are the Butterfly and Bird Parks. Taking a trip to Kuala Selangor to see the magical fireflies is also highly recommended.

18. Divers love to visit Malaysia because it is home to one of the best dive sites in the world, a tiny volcanic island called Sipadan. The reefs here are home to dozens of hawksbill and green turtles, as well as all kinds of fish. You may even encounter a shark or two!

19. For those looking for more quiet and seclusion than is available at the average beach resort, island getaways provide a great alternative. Malaysia’s many islands, some very developed and others totally unspoilt, form the perfect backdrop to an idyllic beach holiday.

20. Sporty types will love holidaying in Malaysia – sport tourism opportunities include golf, cycling, mountaineering, and even hiking, jungle trekking and caving. Watersports on offer range from parasailing to jetskiing and surfing – truly something for everyone!

Mohammed Zaki is an avid traveller to malaysia and loves what this country has to offer.

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Grand Lexis Port Dickson

A Review of Grand Lexis PD

Grand Lexis Port Dickson which was formerly known as The Legend International Water Homes is located at the end of Tanjung Gemok beach. The landmark to look out for is Glory Beach Resort. Glory Beach Resort is easy to notice because its three high raise building looking more like apartments. Grand Lexis is located just after Glory Beach Resort.
Grand Lexis Garden wingThis unique resort offers 3 room types. There is the Water Villas which is on stilts in the sea, Sky Pool Villas which is located in the hotel block, and Garden Villas which is designed like residential houses. My other half prefers the Garden Villas; she says it has that homely feeling. The unique aspect of this resort apart from its large rooms is that each room has its own swimming pool. It’s not a very large pool but large enough for a small family to enjoy. Anytime you feel like swimming, just dive in your very own private pool. You can watch your kids swimming from the comfort of your bedroom which overlooks the pool. Just a note the private pool is 4ft deep, so you need to pay careful attention to your kids. So imagine this resort has over 300 swimming, I’ve heard its listed in the Malaysian Book of Records as the hotel with the most swimming pools. Well if you are looking for a beach holiday then don’t choose this place cause there is absolutely no beach. The nearest beach is next door at Glory Beach Resort but as the waterways are used by barges and ships, the beach is dirty most of the time.
There are games and activities available around the hotel to cater to the needs of all ages. You can purchase the activity passport which cost about RM68 per booklet. It is basically a booklet of voucher that can be used anytime for the activities around the resort that includes segway, archery, table tennis, cycling, game tokens, wii games and many more. There are also discount vouchers for the F&B Outlets and free cake and coffee in the booklet. It’s such a good value if you intend to do some activities and you are staying for more than three days.

Sunset at Grand Lexis Port DicksonSunset at Grand Lexis Port Dickson



Garden Villas at Grand Lexis Port Dickson

WALKWAY OF GARDEN WING (look like little villas)

Click here on more information or great deals for Grand Lexis Port Dickson. To book the rooms with the pool just click on the rooms that has the word pool in it e.g. Grand Pool Villa. The ones without the word pool is their sister property Lexis Port Dickson. A little info about Lexis will come soon in my next post.

It’s a recommended place that you can stay with your families, also for new married couples.

Home Made Medicine




My Malaysia, My Travels

My Beautiful and Friendly Malaysia

Welcome to my blog on my travels in beautiful Malaysia. Malaysia is a land of friendly people, blessed with natural wonders. We have a variety of places and activities for almost everyone from beautiful beaches, rainforest jungles, historical sites and more. There is so much to see and do here that my other half and I have made it a point to try to visit every part of Malaysia before we venture out. I will continue to add places that we have visited just to give you my perspective of this beautiful country

My Malaysia at a Glance

The country

Malaysia consists of 13 states and three Federal Territories. Eleven states are on the Peninsular Malaysia and two more are in East Malaysia on the island of Borneo.

Nine states have hereditary Rulers and they called Sultans which are Perlis, Johor, Kedah, Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Terenganu and Kelantan. Out of these state rulers a Supreme Head which is called the Yang di Pertuan Agong is chosen to be the Monarchy once every five year. The Present Yang the Pertuan Agong is from the state of
Terenganu. In the other four states where there are no rulers they are headed by their respective Yang di- Pertua Negeri which is appointed for a stipulated period.

The Government

The government is chosen democratically by the people and the head of the government is the Prime Minister.


Average temperatures between 21 C to 32 C. Humidity here is high. The dry season is usually between May to September. The rainy season is between Octobers to February.


Bahasa Malaysia is the national language however English is widely spoken especially in major towns. Other common languages are various Chinese dialects and Tamil.


Islam is the official religion of Malaysia but other religion is practiced freely here.

Some Common Malay Words to use in Malaysia

English                          Malaysia

Good Morning               Selamat Pagi

Good Afternoon            Selamat Tengahari

Good Evening                Selamat Petang

Good Night                      Selamat Malam

Welcome                           Selamat Datang

Please come in               Sila Masuk

Have a seat                     Sila Duduk

How are you?                 Apa Khabar?

I’m fine                              Khabar Baik

My name is (name)        Nama saya ………….

I’m from….                         Saya dari ……………

What is your name?        Apa nama awak?

See you Again                    Jumpa Lagi

Thank you                            Terimakasih

You’re Welcome                Sama-sama

Therefore come over often to catch up on more of my Travel at Malaysia.




Where to stay in Melaka

Where I Have Stayed in Melaka

Even though I still have family members in Melaka, I sometimes like just hideaway in some hotel with my wife and son. Below are some of the hotels I have stayed.

Naza Hotel Melaka

Naza hotel is a small hotel located 1 km away from the Melaka Sentral bus terminal. When we checked in we were sort of lucky to get the newly renovated rooms. It had a nice contemporary look with wooden flooring somehow I feel a wooden or tile flooring for a hotel is much cleaner as it’s easier to clean. Carpets somehow have that musty smell how clean it is. Most of the furniture including the bed headboard was dark brown. There is no bathtub only a shower stall in the room. There is only one food outlet in the lobby that serves some local and international food. But you don’t have to worry because few minutes away are the Hang Tuah Mall loaded with cafes and food outlets.

For the best deals in Naza Hotel Melaka, please click here. Naza Hotel Melaka

We also stayed at Century Mahkota Hotel Malacca. We were lazy to drive home after a relative’s wedding at the hotel, so we took a room there. The hotel is situated on the waterfront but as with most of Melaka beaches you can’t swim in it. Directly across the road are the Mahkota Parade and also Medan Pahlawan which are shopping complexes. So in terms of food outlets there is so much more variety. We took the three bedroom apartment because my sister’s family were joining us. The rooms are simple in decoration but we had the one in the far end facing the sea. It was quite clean and spacious. If you plan to visit Historical Sites then this is the place as most of the sites are just around the corner.

Hotel in Melaka – Hatten Hotel Melaka

My Review of the Hatten Hotel in Melaka

We chose Hatten Melaka for two reasons. One was that we could bring my four year old to the Coral Wonderland Aquarium which is just across the road from the hotel. The other reason was that Mahkota Parade was just next door, so my wife could go for her shopping terapy. Check in was a breeze as we checked in on a weekday. Melaka gets really crowded on weekends and holidays, especially hotels around the the historical sites.

To read my review on Hatten Hotel Melaka, please click here.Hotel in Melaka – Hatten Hotel Melaka


My Hotel Review – Swiss Garden Hotel and Residences Malacca

My Review of Swiss Garden Hotel and Residences Malacca

As the start of school was extended until the 12th January. We took a trip to Melaka. I needed a rest cause the School Holidays was very hectic and busy where I worked, needed to spend time with my boys and mummy needed a rest as she was three months pregnant. So we had to have a change of atmosphere. Having a energetic two year old, I normally look for hotels that have food courts, a nice swimming pool, interesting places to visit and shopping complex all within walking distance. This time around I chose Swiss Garden Hotel & Residences Malacca as it was in town, above the Shore Shopping Complex and had a little water playground for my kids.

To see my review on Swiss Garden Hotel and Residences Melaka, please click here My Hotel Review – Swiss Garden Hotel and Residences Malacca



My Hotel Review – ramarama Hotel Melaka

ramarama Hotel Melaka – Reasonably Priced Budget Boutique Hotel in Melaka

Last weekend I had a wedding to attend in Melaka, my niece was getting married . And a Eurasion wedding in Melaka is a tiring but fun whole day affair. There’s the toasting at the bride’s house, then the church ceremony followed by dinner and dance.

Even though Port Dickson is just about an hours drive to Melaka, we felt its best to stay at a small hotel and later go to the bride’s house as we needed to be there very early. A friend spoke of this new budget boutique hotel that just opened in Melaka called the ramarama. Located near the Melaka Sentral and just by the side of Aeon Melaka.

Click here for my review on rama rama Melaka, My Hotel Review – ramarama Hotel Melaka



My Hotel Review :- The Settlement Hotel, Melaka.

Peace and Tranquility at The Settlement Hotel, Melaka

We chose this place for its location near to the Portuguese Settlement. Because I wanted to let my loved ones try some Portuguese dishes at in Portuguese Square. Sort of showing my son, his roots. This quaint little hotel is about 10 minutes from the Portuguese Square. When booked the room, I was anticipating some cheezy decorated BnB. But what we got impressed me.
My review on The Settlement Hotel , here  My Hotel Review :- The Settlement Hotel, Melaka.

HotelsCombined.com - Pack full of the best deals

Although Melaka is small there is so much do and visit here. And the state government is constantly adding new things, now there’s even a water taxi from the Melaka Sentral to the historical sites using the Melaka River.