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Perniagaan Nasi Kandar Ayam Merah Ipoh. Restaurant Review

Nasi Vanggey or Nasi Ganja Ipoh

I have heard a lot about this little eatery while I was in Cameron imageHighlands. My co-workers, every time they go down to Ipoh will stop here for lunch time. The Perniagaan Nasi Kandar Ayam Merah does not have another outlet elsewhere. This little stall is  located at Yong Suan’s Cafe at Jalan Yong Kalsom. You might miss it when you passby as it is like any other Chinese Kopitiam. Some call this place as Nasi Wangey. Saying that owner used to shout “Vanggey, vanggey” this means “Come, come” in Tamil. The other name is “Nasi Ganja“. Reason being the  food here is so addictive like weed. “Ganja” is the Malay term for weed.

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Go as early as possible! As the place was always crowded and we were quite a large group. We opt for takeaway, of which we could eat at the many R&R along the way.  Standard order consists of fried chicken, salted egg, raw cucumbers and chutney. The curry is a bit spicy but the taste is excellent. I added a sizeable fried chicken, which my friend said was a must try. Fresh,  crispy and well marinated. The price came to RM 8.80. Which was reasonable as there was also a slice of beef too. There are plenty of other add ons, take your pick.

Highly recommended! A must go for food lovers. Very addictive and a must try food in Ipoh!

Funny Mountain Soya Bean or Tau Fu Fah, Ipoh

After that my friends wanted to try the famous Ipoh Soya Bean shop. The “Funny Mountain Soya Bean or Tau Fu Fah”. Which is located on Jalan Theatre Ipoh. You can eat there or take home. Just a note. The shop doesn’t have any tables, just two long benches at the side. So you might have to stand and eat. I found their ‘drive thru’ facinating, people in cars drive to the front of the shop, pull up and wind down their windows, make order, eat, pay and they drive away.  All very fast and efficient. If you want some nice Tau Fu Fah then this is the place to come. But also note that portions are quite small to some but its heavenly.



Medan Ikan Bakar Majlis Perbandaran Port Dickson. Restaurant Review

Well what do people look for when you are at a beach destination. Its fresh seafoods. That is the reason why most local authorities at beach destinations in Malaysia build seafood food stalls. These eateries and food courts are “Medan Ikan Bakar“.

One choice for a seafood meal in Port Dickson is the Medan Ikan Bakar Majlis Perbandaran Port Dickson. When I am in Port Dickson, I will stop by here. Presently there are three shops here but my favourite is on the right as you walk in. Its owned by the “Persatuan Nelayan Port Dickson“. I have found it is the better choice in for price and taste. I avoid the one on the water. The “Restaurant Terapung“. Since friends say the seafoods there is expensive. There is also a lot of bad reviews on internet about the “Restaurant Terapung” too. So I will not take a chance.

As with most seafood stalls fresh seafood is displayed on ice. So you could choose what to eat. There were assorted fishes, mussels, beansprouts, bamboo clams, squid, prawns and more.

We had a large fish, of which they cooked in two different flavours. The top half was cooked with a light spicy sauce “tiga rasa“. And the bottom half was deep fried, for my kids.We also ordered a plate of deepfried squids anf kangkong belacan. Food was nicely done, not oily or with too much spices. The pricing was reasonable. We had those items with 4 plates of steamed rice and some beverages. The bill came to below RM90. Food taste was OK not WOW but just ok.

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We had a sizable fish, of which they cooked in two different flavours. The top half was prepared with a light hot and spicy sauce “tiga rasa”. As well as the bottom half was deep-fried, for my kids. We also ordered a dish of deepfried squids and kangkong belacan. Food was properly done, not oily or with too much spices. The pricing was reasonable. We had those items with 4 plates of steamed rice and some beverages. The check came to below RM90. Parking is free but on weekends can get really full. Clean toilets are also available.

Food taste is alright. Not WOW but just OK. Service alright but can be a tad slow when they are busy. Seafood reasonably fresh. Price OK. The view of the sea was blocked by the “Restaurant Terapung”. So you will feel that you are eating at a normal food restaurant.

I like this view from the jeti of Medan Ikan Bakar Port Dickson