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Jonker Walk Night Market – CROWDED BUT INTERESTING

When you are in Melaka, one of the places to visit is the Jonker Street. It is the Chinatown of Melaka. Its where many old buildings are located.You will find numerous cafes, restaurants, souvenirs, Nyonya Museums and also little Quaint Boutique Hotel. Be sure to walk the along streets including “Harmony Street” that has religious shrines or temples of many different faiths. This is what Melaka is all about. You will find a Chinese Temple just walking distance from a Muslim Mosque and an Indian Temple. And across the river there’s a Church. All living in harmony with each other.
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Weekends (Friday nights & Saturday nights), there will be Jonker Night Market. Jonker Night Market is more of a Chinese Night Market. Reason being Jonker Street is the Chinatown of Melaka. There was a lot of different Chinese food stuff. We chose to go there to see some traditional Melaka activities. I wanted to show my kids those things I experienced when I was a kid. But there were nothing much only food stuff and two stalls selling decorated wooden clogs. Maybe because we were there early. We were there at 6pm. But we left early cause it was getting too congested and hot.

I was actually looking for the Tic Tok Sweet Man as the video above. To show my kids but he was not there that day.


My Verdicts

It got really crowded later in the evening. So its really not advisable to visit with young kids. It got really crowded and hot. If you are using a stroller, its not advisable to come here. Cause you will be avoiding the scores of people walking. That’s why we left early.
For Muslims like us its quite hard to find halal food. But its a great experience when you are in Melaka.

Do try the Fatimah Coconut product at the just across the bridge from The Stadhuys. Its unique how they remove the flesh from the coconut shell.

But all in all it was an interesting walk.




Best Night Markets to Visit in Malaysia

The night market or “Pasar Malam” is a must try experience when you are in Malaysia. Here you can sample different local cuisines and buy souvenirs. The locals visit night markets for their weekly grocery shopping.

Here’s a great article I found on the net on the Best Night Markets in Malaysia

Best Night Markets to Visit in Malaysia

Night Markets have been around for decades in Malaysia, otherwise known as Pasar Malams, they are frequented by locals who visit these markets found all over the country. Some may even ask where are the best night markets to visit in Malaysia and this article will shed some light based on personal experiences to these markets. Not plucked from the internet like how most list postings are done too.

Since the 1990’s, the Pasar Malams (Pasar is Market, Malam is Night) have been introduced to tourist as one of the must-do things in Malaysia and now it has evolved into a whole new experience. They are cleaner, brighter and much more interesting things can be found here.

Pasar Malams are found in almost every district and city in Malaysia, especially in high dense populated areas. The core of this is actually bringing the market to the people where they set up makeshift stalls along a busy road and cutting off traffic. This makes one long night market with stalls on both sides offering all sorts of almost anything.

So where are the best pasar malams in Malaysia? In no order, here they are;

Taman Connaught Pasar Malam in KL

The Taman Connaught Pasar Malam is noted as the longest Night Market in Malaysia, spanning over two kilometers long and situated just out of Kuala Lumpur city in the Connaught Garden area. It is also located by the main road here and walking this night market can an exciting experience for anyone wanting to see the local night market scene. In total, there are also 700 plus stalls found here!

This is also not your typical Chinatown commercial style market. This is the real night market where locals hang out buying clothes, food and many other things. My personal favourites here is the local foods where you can get an amazing selection. Come early to avoid the after-work crowds and try some of the local food here.

Location: Along Jalan Cerdas, next to the E37 Highway in Cheras.
What to Find: Loads of Local Food, T-shirts, Women’s Clothes, Jewelry and Accessories, Smartphone Casings, Bags, Toys and more non food related items.
Open: 4pm till 11pm, Wednesday.
Pros: Very interesting place, non commercialized.
Cons: Parking, lots of people.
Time to Spend: 1-2 hours

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