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Sealife Malaysia at Legoland Johor, Malaysia

On the last day of our Legoland holiday, we went into the Theme Park again. Reason being my princess wanted to drive again. And the rest wanted to go on the Dragon Roller Coaster. We spent another 2 hours at the Park. After that we cooled off at the Sealife Malaysia which was air conditioned.

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The Sealife Malaysia is a rather new addition to Legoland Johor. Its an interesting sea life aquarium with many different sea species on display. Its not as big as the Aquaria KLCC but had better displays than the Water World in Langkawi. The displays were really vibrant.

The staff were also very helpful and friendly. As with all the staff at Legoland. They took their time answering all our enquiries. Especially the nice guy that was taking care of the Stingray Display. I loved seeing stingrays swim. They are so graceful. They were so lively. The staff there mentioned they are young stingrays. That is why they are so frisky and it was about to feeding time.

The seahorse displays were also beautiful. The lady there showed us the different spicies and also the difference between male and female.

They even have a little treasure hunt which kids could do and learn about fishes. Sold at a very reasonable price. I felt like that was a good idea as kids can learn about the sealife during the tour. Rather than just walking around admiring the fishes.
The interactive colouring station is very innovative and fun for both kids and adults. This place is not too big, so you can cover all the exhibits in less than 2 hours.

My Verdict

Sea Life Malaysia was interesting and educational. Its a nice place to cool off. You can visit it after your day at the Theme Park. Their staffs are a real gem. They were willing to answer our questions and queries. Which other aquariums that we have visited lacked. This place is not too big, so can cover all the exhibits in less than 2 hours.



My Hotel Review – Legoland Hotel, Johor, Malaysia


We booked the Legoland Hotel and the amusement park as a birthday present for my two sons. One was toward the end of November and one more was at the third week of December. My eldest love building things from his Lego blocks. We didn’t let them know that we were going there. Just told them that we were going to their grandmum’s. You should have heard them shouting and clapping when they got a glimpse of the Legoland Hotel. 

In the lobby there is life-sized Lego Castle and Pirate Ship. And loads of Lego blocks to play. This kept the children occupied particularly after dinner. The disco lift was a novel. Whenever the lift door closes, the disco lights and music begin playing. Everytime my kids enter the lift, they begin dancing. Check in was quick. Despite the fact that the standard check in time is 4pm, we got our room at 3pm.

Lifesize Lego Castle in Lobby

In the lobby there is life-sized Lego Castle and Pirate Ship. And loads of lego blocks to play. This kept the children occupied particularly after dinner. The disco lift was a novel. Whenever the lift door closes, the disco lights and music begin playing. Everytime my kids enter the lift, they begin dancing. Check in was quick. Despite the fact that the standard check in time is 4pm, we got our room at 3pm.

There are three different theme rooms to choose Castle, Pirate and Adventure. Because of my sons, we picked the Pirate Theme. Our room was perfect. My eldest loved the treasure hunt in our room and the little treasure in the safe. He managed to get yhe clues but turned the number the wrong way. It was suppose to be from left to right. But when he managed to open the safe, he was so happy. The treasure was only two small figurine but getting it was much fun to him. Kudos Legoland. Our room came with a separate room with a bunk bed that had its own TV. The room additionally came with a crate of duplo pieces which kept everybody occupied. Even my one year old.

Disco lift
Pirate Floor Lift Landing

Pirate Room 531
Pirate Room, Legoland Malaysia

Pirate Room, Legoland Malaysia
Pirate Room, Legoland Malaysia

There are just two eateries in the hotel but there’s the Medini Mall next to it. Just walking distance. With fast food like KFC, Burger King, Secret Recipe and Old Town Coffee. The breakfast and dinner spread was magnificent. For dinner they layout a large colouring shèet on the table and give out colored pencils. Great idea. Kept the children occupied while we eat. My child chance to decorate his cookie. Should have seen his proud face.

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Brick Restaurant, Legoland Hotel, Johor

All through our stay the staff were great and friendly.

Verdict : – A great place for the family if you can afford it. My children enjoyed the stay very much with activities in the room and at the lobby.  The hotel thought of everything to keep the kids happy. Most of the activities are free. As for me seeing my kids happy faces made me happy. My five year old is already asking to go back there again.

Address:- No 1, Jalan Medini Utara 3, Bandar Medini Iskandar Malaysia, 79250, Iskandar Puteri, Johor.

Tel :- +607 597 8888

Website :- Legoland Hotel, Johor



Family Travel – Road Trip with a Two Year Old

How to Survive travelling with a Two Year Old

Kids TandemTravelling with a 2 year old kid can be nerve wreaking. For you and also the kid. Therefore you need to plan ahead to enjoy your holiday and not be exhausted when its all over. Having two lively and energetic boys, planning for a road trip how short it may be for me starts one week before the trip. Here are some of my tips from past experiences on how I survived traveling with my kids. I am sure you have some too, just share them in the comments below.

1. Plan your travel time.

I normally travel after lunch about 1.00pm. Reason being that this is normally the time my little one takes a nap. So this gives me about two hours of fuss free travel time.

2. Bring a portable DVD player.

Before the trip I will purchase some of his favourite cartoon or nursery rhyme DVDs to bring along. I avoid full length cartoons as my two year old gets bored very fast. That is why lively nursery rhymes works well with him. Ensure you fully charge your DVD batteries before you start your trip. And if you are going for a long trip, purchase a Cigarette Lighter Adapter that can be plugged into your Cigarette Lighter receptacle to plug your device to. So as your player is constantly charged. Also don’t forget to charge up your hand phones or tablets as a spare.

3. Have little snacks on standby

Pack little snacks for him to munch cause a hungry kid gets irritated fast. Pack something dry, as you don’t want to leave a mess in the car or on him. I normally pack biscuits, some sliced fruits or even his favourite teddy bear biscuits. Avoid sugary snack, otherwise you will have a hyper active kid bouncing around in the car. As for beverages, I normally have plain water in a bottle with a spout cause I don’t want to have water spilling on him when the car brakes. There a lot of great snack ideas here Travel Snacks Kids on Pinterest

4. Pack his favourite toy.

Bring along some of his favourite toys for them to play in the car. Buy a cute little backpack for them to put their toys in, that they can proudly carry around. Pack some light toys in it. A word of advise avoid balls, as you don’t want see balls flying around the car. It’s a very dangerous distraction when you’re driving. I have found some interesting games and toys for travelling here. DISforum- Road Trip Help Please


 5. Make sure you have a shade from the sun

I used to purchase different Sun Shades that had a suction cups but my little one kept pulling them out. What followed was the Sun Screen got damaged fast or suction cups went missing. I later found at our local DIY Store, curtains that can easily be fitted on your car windows. Its great for keeping the sun out of my kids face. Therefore if your local authorities allows, fix up a curtain in your car especially if you plan to travel in the afternoons.

6. Have another carry on.

When I travel with my little one, I normally have another bag that I keep in the car next to me or my wife. In it I put the essentials that I will need like extra diapers, extra clothes, towel, his travel soap, a formula (all pre measured in a milk compartment), a flask of hot water, drinking water, 2 or 3 milk bottles and so on. All the essentials that I might need will be at arms length. Don’t forget tissue and wet wipes. They’re useful for washing hands, cleaning toilet seats, and wiping down restaurant tables. Visit this website should you need some ideas what to add in your carry on. Family Travel Tips: Packing Guide: Airplane Carryon for Babies Toddlers and Kids

Please free to add some of your ideas in the comment box on how you travel with your two year old

Home Made Medicine

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Traditional Malaysian Games

The games we played when were kids

Before the dawn PSP and computer games Malaysian children like children elsewhere, were really inventive in the games we played. We used whatever we could get our hands on. We used old tins, our slippers, rubber bands and so on. We were really environmental friendly back then, we recycled trash as our toys. The games we played were mainly played outdoors and we got a good workout from it. Nowadays children are more interested in their Nintendo, PSP or even Android phones, they missed all the fun we used to have. You will have a chance to experience some of these games when you stay at one of the homestay packages around Malaysia. Below are some games we played when we were small.


COLLECTIE_TROPENMUSEUM_Speelbord_voor_mancala_spel_TMnr_1585-120aThis is a game of strategy. Congkak is a game played by two people using a wooden board which has two rows of six small holes and two large holes on each end. The small holes are referred to as houses and the large holes are called storehouse. Shells or marbles are normally used to play this game. Player begin by scooping the 7 seeds from a cup and distributing them, one in each house. When they reach their storehouse they will put a seed in it but bypass the opponent’s storehouse. When the last seed enters the hole if there is some seed in it, the player takes all the seeds in it and continue putting in the holes moving clockwise . If the hole is empty when the last seed reaches, he stops and the opponent starts by taking seeds from any hole on his side until he reaches an empty hole. The game ends when all the seeds are placed in the storehouses. The winner is the person with the most seeds in his storehouse.

2. Galah Panjang

We used to use the badminton court for this game. The earliest schoolmate to reach school would sit on the badminton court to book it. This game is played in two teams. One team had to cross over to the other side of the badminton court, while the order team had to stop them from reaching the end. The team that had to stop them, had limited movement. They could only move along the lines of the court. If anyone of them touch the opposing team then, the person is out. Later they will switch sides. The winner is the team that has the most members reaching the end.

3. Teng teng or hopscotch

5343132142_2b3641118d_qThis game is normally played by girls but occasionally we joined in. A square diagram is drawn on the ground with chalk or etched in to soft sand. Player will take turns throwing a small stone into box number one. She tends hops on one foot in each box, picks up her stone and goes back to the end. Then she throws the stone in another box and goes back to the same routine. If the stone falls outside the box then she is out and the opponent take over. When hopping around she must avoid the line or drop the other feet to the ground. If she does then she is out.

4. Baling Tin

This game is played by two teams using a tennis ball or slipper. Ten empty cans are stacked up into a pyramid. A player from each team are given three throws to knock the pyramid down from a distance. When the tins are knocked down, the other team works together to arrange the teams in its original pyramid state, while the first team tries to stop them by throwing the slipper at the them. If the slipper touches any team member of the opposing team then they are out. But if the tins are arranged before the last member is out, then the teams arranging the tins wins.

5. Baling Slipper.

This game is played when there are no tins. What we did was take three slippers and stand them up in a piramid. The object of the game is the same as Baling Tin, where one team tries to knock down the slippers and the other team puts it back.


Chapteh is the homemade version of a badminton shuttlecock. We used to cut rubber bicycle or motorcycle tubes into a disc. Join three of this together by putting a nail in the middle and tie three or four feathers around the nail.with three or four colourful feathers. There are two ways of playing this game on is to see how many times you keep the capteh in the air using your feet only. One more is to make a circle and pass the chapteh from one person to the another player using only your feet or any part of your body except your hands. The person who drops the chapteh is out. The winner is the last person standing. The other game that we played with capteh was similar to dodgeball.