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Top 20 Reasons Why You Should Visit Malaysia

A land of many colors and cultures, Malaysia is the ideal holiday destination. From bustling cities to beautiful beaches, verdant rainforests to warm waters rich with marine life, there are so many beautiful places in Malaysia to see, and so much to do.

There are countless reasons to visit Malaysia, but here are the top twenty:

1. Malaysia is the ideal blend of east and west. With all the comforts of the Western world at your fingertips, you are free to explore the rich Malaysian culture – from visiting major cities to exploring areas of natural beauty. And when you come home exhausted from sight-seeing, there are hot power showers, five-star standard accommodation and international cuisine according to preference.

2. Visiting Malaysia is great for the budget traveler, as everything – from hotels to food, transport to shopping – can be done cheaply if you do your research.

3. Malaysian society is geared towards tourism, so everywhere you go you will find accommodation to suit your pocket, people ready to help you find your way, and travel/transport facilities to give you access to all the important sites and attractions.

4. If you’re crazy for culinary delights, you’ll fall in love with Malaysian food. Local dishes reflect Malay, Indian and Chinese influences, and are famous for being a little spicy, a little eclectic, and whole lot delicious! Make sure you try the famed nasi lemak, Malaysia’s national dish – coconut rice served with a spicy chilli based paste called sambal along side with fried anchovies and peanuts, omelet and cucumber. Sell famously delicious items in most towns, and the seafood is also exceptional along the coast.

5. Whether you’re looking for big brand name goods or indigenous art pieces, Malaysia is the place to shop. Kuala Lumpur is the shopping capital, and the shops will put on grand sales at least twice a year to draw in tourist shoppers. The multitude of malls cater to every desire and taste, with products made in the Far East side by side with more recognizable brands. There are malls in Penang and Langkawi too, for those looking to combine a beach retreat with some holiday shopping.

6. Dreaming of palm-fringed beaches of white sand, and waves gently lapping at the shore? This dream is a reality at Malaysia’s many beach resorts. Sun sea and sand enthusiasts will be delighted at Malaysia’s kilometers of coastline and idyllic islands, with their pristine stretches of sand and clean waters.

7. A glance at the Malaysia map reveals much more than just beaches. Malaysia is also home to rainforests of untold natural beauty, a veritable treasure-trove of flora and fauna. Take an excursion or an adventure tour to get to grips with the rainforests in all their ecological beauty.

8. If the beach resorts and nature treks are not really your scene, Malaysia’s big cities will definitely keep you occupied. Shopping is not the only activity on offer. You can also check out the myriad of fantastic restaurants and cafes in Kuala Lumpur, or browse the night markets, sampling satay and collecting souvenirs as you go! Day or night, there’s always plenty to do.

9. Malaysia’s amusement parks are all-round great fun for families, and a must-visit while in the country. Take a ride up to Genting to see the sprawling multi-million ringgit theme park at 2,000 meters (there are hotels and casinos nearby too), or visit Sunway Lagoon, a giant complex on 80 acres that includes a full-size resort and a water park as well as countless rides, attractions and eateries.

10. Of course, one of Malaysia’s premier attractions is the countless places of historical and cultural interest to visit. A trip to Malacca, heart of Malaysian history, is imperative – the city abounds with beautiful buildings, including St Paul’s Church, the Sultanate Museum and the A’Famosa Fortress. Gerogetown in Penang is also a UNESCO heritage site steeped in rich history and culture, and sightseers are urged to explore both cities.

11. Beautiful places in Malaysia include natural wonders of immense beauty and man-made structures of exceptional grandeur, like the Batu Caves near KL or the giant caves in Gunung Mulu National Park in Sarawak. Usually these spots are associated with beautiful temples that are decorated in amazing detail.

12. Visitors to Malaysia love the temperate weather – though there is a monsoon season, the weather is pleasant year-round, and even during rains there are often sunny spells in between.

13. Aside from traditional Malaysian dishes, one of the big attractions of eating in Malaysia is the variety of fresh fruit available. Mangoes, lychees and mangosteens are widely available, as well as the more unusual durian and rambutans.

14. Malaysia is now home to numerous sporting events, so if you’re a fan you’ll find this the ideal spot to catch up on your favorite. Watch the Petronas Grand Prix and the Tour de Langkawi, or check out some action on the water at the Langkawi International Regatta or the annual Surfing Competition in Pahang.

15. Aside from sports, other cultural events are being held which may also interest the discerning traveler. The World Kites Festival promises to be a colourful affair, as does National Craft Day and the Chinese New Years’ celebration. Throughout the year there are many fun and fascinating events to attend.

16. A country rich in traditional and culture, Malaysia produces a wide variety of handicraft items, including hand carved wooden panels, pewter decorations, rattan bags and baskets and batik textiles. Learn the skills, or simply pick up a few pieces as souvenirs.

17. Nature lovers will fall in love with Malaysia’s rainforests, but aside from plant life there are also many animal species to be found in their natural habitats, including monkeys, leopards, tigers bears and rhinos. If you prefer your animals a little more contained, the KLCC Aquaria is worth a visit, as are the Butterfly and Bird Parks. Taking a trip to Kuala Selangor to see the magical fireflies is also highly recommended.

18. Divers love to visit Malaysia because it is home to one of the best dive sites in the world, a tiny volcanic island called Sipadan. The reefs here are home to dozens of hawksbill and green turtles, as well as all kinds of fish. You may even encounter a shark or two!

19. For those looking for more quiet and seclusion than is available at the average beach resort, island getaways provide a great alternative. Malaysia’s many islands, some very developed and others totally unspoilt, form the perfect backdrop to an idyllic beach holiday.

20. Sporty types will love holidaying in Malaysia – sport tourism opportunities include golf, cycling, mountaineering, and even hiking, jungle trekking and caving. Watersports on offer range from parasailing to jetskiing and surfing – truly something for everyone!

Mohammed Zaki is an avid traveller to malaysia and loves what this country has to offer.

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An Outing in Historical Melaka

Historical Part of Melaka

There are a lot new things comimg up in Melaka. You can always find something new to see and do here. So this Awal Muharam holiday, we went on a trip to the Historical part of Melaka. As it was raining, we couldn”t walk around. We opt to visit places that had shade.

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Melaka Maritime Museum

The Melaka Maritime Museum is actually a replica of a Portuguese ship named “Flor De La Mar”. In the museum, you can get a closer look at Malacca Maritime history from the Malay Sultanate of the 14th century to the Portuguese era, the Dutch era and the British era. There are also little replicas of ships that once came to Melaka during its heydays. My suggestion is to avoid public holidays or weekends as the museum is quite small and get a litle hot stuffy when there’s a large crowd.

There are lots of models of ships that have stopped over in Melaka.

Melaka River Cruise

Melaka River was where it all began. It was the meeting point for traders from the east and west. A few years ago the state government embarked on an effort to beautify the river. Their effort was great for tourism as now you can take a river cruise. What used to be unsightly kitchens or toilets of the houses along the river, now is beautiful buildings and little cafes. There are lots to see along this 45minute cruise. You can take the cruise from the jetty next to the Maritime Museum or from Taman Rempah in Pengkalan Rama.

When you Travel at Malaysia, you will sure to find new things. Cause Malaysia has lot to offer.



Enchanted Stretch of Beach Called Cherating

Cherating, Pahang, Malaysia

As mentioned in my previous post Port Dickson, I love the beach and so does my other half. In fact we fell in love at a beach resort in Cherating when we were both working there. So I felt its right to write something about this beautiful place.
Cherating is a popular coastal resort area due to its white sandy beaches in the Peninsular Malaysia which was made popular by the backpackers who came to enjoy the beach, sea and sun. It’s located less than 50km north of Kuantan.

How to get to Cherating

By Road
Cherating is about 3.5-hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. There are daily buses to Kuantan departing daily from Kuala Lumpur. From Kuantan you can take a cab or bus to Cherating. Another way is to take a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Dungun or Kemaman in Terengganu and get off the bus on the main road and walk to Cherating village or wherever you are staying. Check with the ticketing counter when you purchase your ticket.

By Air
Malaysia Airlines operates daily flights to Kuantan. From the airport, Cherating is just 45 minutes away.

Things to See and Do in Cherating

Visit Kampung Cherating
Cherating Village began as a backpacker’s haven, where travellers came for the Sun and Sea. The village is a stretch of road about 1km that runs parallel to the beach… Left and right are dotted with charming and comfortable chalets, most of which is on the beach. There are also small shops selling everything from souvenirs to food and drinks. While on holiday, you can learn the art of batik painting and design your sarongs, t-shirts and scarves. Towards the end of the street there is a cultural centre where you can also shop for handicraft and see cultural performances. You can watch village maidens weave the “pandanus” leaves into mats, hats, bags and other inexpensive lightweight souvenirs. Cultural shows also include wayang kulit (shadow play) and silat (the Malay art of self-defence).

River Cruises
Along Cherating Village runs the Cherating River where you can hire a boat with a tour guide. There you can experience an idyllic slow cruise and enjoy the various flora and fauna. Here, you will be greeted by birds chirping, monkeys swinging from trees and the sounds of exotic bugs. Keep your eyes peeled for monitor lizards, mud skippers on the swampy banks. At night time, it’s when fireflies dance unchastely through the trees.

Turtle Watching
Cherating Beach is where the Leatherback, Green, Olive Ridley and Hawksbill turtles come to lay their eggs. So much so that the Cherating Turtle Sanctuary was established in 1972 in an effort to protect this endangered species. It is located just beside Asia’s first Club Med on Chendor Beach, Pahang. Between July to September, the turtles come ashore to lay eggs. Most resort here organises turtle watching activities, where you register at the Front Desk and the centre will contact you when turtles come ashore. Only a handful of visitors are allowed per night. no flashlights or cameras with flashes are allowed so as not to scare the turtles away. You can also visit the sanctuary to learn more about these ancient creatures.


Visit a Fishing Village – Kuala Kemaman
About 20 minutes drive from Chearating is Kuala Kemaman. Kuala Kemaman is a small quaint fishing village. Visit it to enjoy the beauty and solitude of a Malaysian fishing village lifestyle. When you are there, don’t forget to try their speciality otak-otak, satar and ikan bakar. The best time to visit the jetty Is in the evenings when the fishermen come back from the sea.

Candat Sotong Activity (Squid Jigging)
During the months of April to July, the seas in the east coast of Malaysia will look like there is a floating light carnival. The “Squid Jigging” or “Candat” season has begun. The South China Sea is teeming with squid during these months. What used to be a source of income is now a popular recreational activity. The method of squid jigging has remained the same for generations. Squid Jigging starts when the sun sets and ends when the sun rises. It is carried out on very specialised boats that have powerful lights to illuminate the water, attracting the squid which will gather in the shady area under the boat. Then you let your jig drop and pull up and down, so as to attract the squids. Squid will bite as the jig falls and the bites are very subtle. So you need pull the rod up quickly when you feel something biting. But don’t pull too hard or the squid might fly. around the boat.

Tasik Chini
Lake Chini is approximately 147 km from Cherating. Lake Chini is Malaysia’s second largest natural lake comprising of 12 freshwater lakes. The lake has two fascinating myths. One is it has an ancient Khmer city in it and this has since resulted in several scientific expeditions being mounted archaeologists. Another myth is that there is mythical monster lurking and guarding the lake. The Malaysian version to the Loch Ness. You can take a boat ride to enjoy the picturesque villages and virgin jungles. Between August and September, pink and white lotus flowers cover the surface of the water.

Batik Painting
Batik fabric Is a hand painted and printed by village folks. At Kampung Cherating you can buy beautifully painted fabrics and other items ranging from apparels to accessories for souvenirs to take home. If you want to take home something different, you can paint your own designs. There are handicraft shops that offer classes for you to try your hand at batik painting. The process is really interesting.

Visit the Night Market
Pasar Malam or “Night Market” is very unique activity in most Malaysian towns or villages. Night markets are where the local community shop for their groceries and sometimes household wares. Here you can buy anything from cheap clothing to household goods, but the real attraction is the mouth-watering spread of local food, delicacies, sweets and snacks. On Monday and Thursday nights, the small town of Kemaman is alive with the sights, sounds and smells of the pasar malam (night market).

Cherating is really a beautiful place and due to its distance from Kuala Lumpur it’s rather untouched. There are very little developement, so it’s a really iddylic and restful beach town. In my next post I will review some of the Hotels that I have stayed in Cherating


Romantic Hotels in Malaysia

Romantic Hotels that I have Stayed

I am married to the most beautiful (in my eyes that is) and wonderful lady, therefore when we go for our holidays I sometimes look for Romantic hotels to pamper her. I normally look out for their honeymoon packages cause there’s a lot of romantic things that go with the rooms. Below are my review of some of the hotels that we have stayed.


Avillion Port DicksomAt Avillion Port Dickson we took their honeymoon package. It was my wife’s birthday and I wanted something unique for her. Avillion didn’t let us down. The room we had was a water chalet on the ocean that had an open air shower area as well as bath tub. The package comes with a bouquet of roses, candlelight dinner for two at the Crow’s Nest, a neck as well as face therapeutic massage also for two along with two nights stay with breakfast. This resort is actually surrounded with lots of greeneries so much so that my spouse commented she feels like we were in another country not close by to Kuala Lumpur. The meals were normal. We had our candle light on the outdoor patio which was pretty romantic cause| you are able to view the ocean. Services were good. Since there were very few people dining we had the terrace to ourselves. Breakfast was average however it’s alright as we are not big eaters.


Avillion Port Dickson is situated on the 3rd mile of the 18km stretch of Port Dickson beachfront. It’s just near to the town however once you are within the resort, you will overlook that the town is actually close by. Spread over 17 acres of property, this resort offers 300 rooms comprising of the beachfront rooms, garden along with water chalets. The resort is designed was created with the concept of a traditional Malay fishing village with chalet upon stilts on the ocean. The landscape surroundings the resort is beautifully well kept. The dining places here are Crow’s Nest, their all-day dining restaurant offering a mixture of a combination of Local as well as International a-la-carte delicacies at any time of the day. The Village Court is an open-air restaurant as well as being in the vicinity of the swimming pool that a variety of light food and beverages. Coming from the lobby you will find the Gallery Lounge which is also open-air bar where you will be entertained by a live band during the night as well as a Karaoke which have several karaoke rooms that can sit up to 40. For activities there is cooking classes for children, a mini petting zoo. For adults you have your own adult’s pool and a space which is on the ocean. Avillion is my No. 1 suggestion for couples to come for the honeymoon. Even though you are married for a long time, you can still have another honeymoon like what we do.
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Bala"s ChaletCameron Highlands is famous for their cool weather, roses and strawberries. With these settings it’s a really romantic place to be with. For a truly romantic feel with an English Charm, try out this hotel called the Bala Chalet. The hotel is converted from an old English Boarding School. The hotel is very charming, the rooms also gives you the feel of an English Inn. The hotel is also not too expensive as the Ye Olde Smokehouse. But the only setback with this place is its food outlet. It’s rather small and there’s not much variety. Other than that you just need enjoy the place and gardens. That’s what I did; just sit by the garden with my wife and just chit chat. The hotel is located on a hill with lush greenery around. So it’s really beautiful when the weather is colder and there’s a mist around. As it’s away from the main road it’s rather peaceful. For tea and scones go to this little quaint café above Marrybrown Fast Food in Tanah Rata.


This charming English style inn is located on a hill overlooking lush greenery. Bala’s Chalet is located in between Tanah Rata and Brinchang. It was a boarding school in 1934 for the European expatriate’s kids as a branch from the much more well-known Tanglin school in Singapore, that started out with 150 pupils along with 22 qualified teachers all recruited from| England. It’s a very enchanting place and is very tranquil. Particularly through the night. The bedrooms are also decorated to complement their English Inn theme. Their scones are good however a little costly. Personally I feel the ones offered in the Lords Café (formerly T Cafe in Tanah Rata tends to be much cheaper as well as tastier. The resort features cozy rooms designed with an English Theme. With a Cafe| that serves home cooked curries, western dishes as well as traditional Malaysian dishes. But you can always go to Tanah Rata or Brinchang for some food since the hotel is situated in the middle.
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Impiana Resort CheratingImpiana Resort Cherating is definitely an ideal destination for a romantic escape by the beach. Impiana Resort is located among what I feel is the best spot of Cherating Beach. The resort is about 4 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur which is accessible by means of East Coast Expressway (Route E8), the rooms are designed with a traditional Malaysian, with a four poster beds. Almost all rooms have a view of the sea and the sound from the waves crashing on the seashore can be heard from your room. The Impiana is situated in East Coast’s finest sandy shorelines therefore the beach there is clean and captivating especially on full moon nights. As there are not many resorts around so the area is rather quite. What we did here was have a night picnic where we got a small electric lamp and some finger food. Layout a mat and sit and enjoy the cool breeze and the heavenly sound of the waves. We also enjoyed the long walks on the beach, it was really romantic. Actually it was where we both fell in love as we were working there. Occasionally we go back there to recreate those romantic moments.


Impiana derives from Malay word “impian” which literary means dream. Resort was designed to resemble a traditional Malay lifestyle. All rooms are charmingly furnished with wooden flooring, traditional four-poster wooden beds giving the room a romantic feel. Every room allows you to be nearer to nature and wake up to the relaxing sound of the ocean since almost all rooms face the ocean and is 300 meter from the beach front. Amenities in most rooms includes a features long bathtub only available in Superior Deluxe and Suites, air-conditioning, ceiling fan, mini bar, room service, television as well as coffee and tea making facilities. The balcony is rather small, only standing room however there is a day bed by the window that opens out that you can enjoy the sea breeze. Kedai Kopi café is an airy restaurant hat offers a variety of Malaysian as well as Continental dishes. The design of the restaurant is a local Malaysian Kopitiam. They even have the green flower cups. Half and hour drive towards Kemaman town you will come across shops selling Keropok Lekor and Satar, an excellent option for mid-day tea. In addition in the direction of towards Kuantan, you will come find Kampung Cherating which is full of seafood restaurants.
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Grand Lexis Port DicksonGrand Lexis is a one of a kind resort n Malaysia. This unique resort offers 3 room types. There’s the Water Villas which is on stilts on the sea, Sky Pool Villas which is located in the hotel block as well as Garden Villas which is designed like residential houses. My spouse favors the Villas; she claims that it has that homely feeling. The unique aspect of this particular resort apart from its huge suites is that each every room features its very own swimming pool. It’s not a very large pool but big enough for a small family to have fun with. Whenever you feel like swimming, simply open the door and dive in your very own private pool. You can also watch your kids swimming from the comfort of your bedroom which overlooks the pool. Just a note the private swimming pool is actually 4ft deep, thus you need to pay careful attention to your kids. So imagine this resort has over 300 swimming pool, I’ve read its listed in the Malaysian Book of Records as the resort with the most swimming pool. Well if you would like a beach getaway then don’t choose this place cause there is absolutely no beach. The closest beach is actually next door at Glory Beach Resort however since the waterways are used by barges as well as ships, the beach can be dirty most of the time. It’s my suggested location that you can stay with your family likewise for newly married couples to have their honeymoon here…


Grand Lexis Port Dickson can be found at the end of Tanjung Gemok beach. The landmark to look out for is Glory Beach Resort. Glory Beach Resort is easy to notice simply because it’s a three high rise building looking similar to an apartment complex. Grand Lexis is located just after Glory Beach Resort. As mentioned above there are three categories of rooms. There’s the Water Villas which is on stilts on the sea, Sky Pool Villas which is located in the hotel block as well as Garden Villas which is designed like residential houses. Apart from the room there are games as well as activities available around the resort to cater to the needs of most ages. You can purchase the Activity Passport which cost about RM68 per booklet. It is basically a booklet of vouchers that can be used anytime for the activities around the resort which includes segway, archery, table tennis, cycling, video games tokens, nintendo wii video games and many more. In addition there are discount vouchers for the F&B Outlets as well as free cake along with coffee. It’s really good value in the event that you intend to do several activities and you are staying for more than 3 days. As for the restaurants there is their all day dining restaurant, Duyung Restaurant that serves daily buffet breakfast, Genn Japanese Restaurant open for lunch and dinner and the Lanun Bar which have live band performance every night except Sundays. The Lanun Bar is designed to look a pirate’s bar. But for me I ordered room service and just stayed in the room with my wife.
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