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25 Fun Family Activities in Malaysia – Updated 2020

Every time I search for a getaway for my family, there are some criterias which I look for. I look for destinations are located close to food outlets, some retailers and also maybe a shopping mall as its much easier to search for all those things there. Travelling with little kids this is very important to us. Another item that I look for is whether there are fun as well as educational activities for my family there. I like to try different things each time. We have visited the Hot Air Balloon and Flower Festival in Putrajaya. And is looking forward for the International Fireworks competition there. Below are some of the enjoyment and Educational activities that we have visited. Some of the prices might fluctuate so its best to visit their website first before you go there.

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I’ve listed all the activities by the state of that it is located in. To go straight to the reviews, just click on the link below. Some places may have changed, do visit sites like Tripadvisor to get latest reviews. This site is only my honest opinion about this places. For the summary of the activities just scroll down.


Taman Agroteknologi Mardi, Cameron Highlands

This place is a favorite with my wife. It is locin Tanah Rata, the main town in Cameron Highlands. Its actually a research centre for MARDI, a local farming research organization in Malaysia. Here you can find lots of different plants in full bloom. It is nice to stroll between the flowers as the Cameron Highlands weather is cool. And the entire place smells nice. There are also other fruits trees like grapes and common to Cameron Highlands, strawberries. There is entrance fee to this park. Just go to the website to know more. Here is my review on the Taman Agroteknologi Mardi, Cameron Highlands

Sungai Palas BOH Tea Plantation

We like to come here for tea as the view here is excellent. The teahouse hangs over mountains of green tea trees. The view is awesome. The road to visit the tea house is long narrow and winding. You will travel through large green fields of tea trees. At the end of the journey you will come to a spectacular tea house. Other than the spectacular tea house, there is also a working factory where tea is is prepared. Here you can walk though a path to the various stages of preparing tea leaves. Also littered around the Tea house complex are old factory equipments that was used in the making of tea leaves. The entry fee to the tea manufacturing plant is free. Click here to know of my take on the Sungai Palas BOH Tea Plantation.

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Petrosains Science Discovery Centre

This learning centre is on the 4th floor of the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. You go in via a pod like vehicle into a dark tunnel which will take about 4 minit. The ride coupled with the lighting and sound effect will give you the feeling that you are traveling through space. Then you take a walk through the exhibits. Most of the exhibits is related to the oil exploration. My little one even tried the oil rig escape slide. The last section was my son’s favourite. There were lots of educational interactive games and exhibits to try. My son still talks about going there. There are even rest areas for families near to the displays. Thus you can take a break while your kids explore. The price was reasonable for the fun we had. We all paid RM15. 00 for Adults and RM5 for children aged 3-12 years old. Click here to read my article on the Fun Learning Petrosains Science Discovery Centre

Aquaria KLCC

Aquaria KLCC is an under the sea park located beneath Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and next to Petronas Twin Towers. Aquaria KLCC is a world-class aquarium that showcases animals and various types of vibrant marine life species from Malaysia and around the world. It was so nice to travel via conveyor walkway under the marine life. We saw large stingrays, sharks and many more. It was awesome to see sharks so closeby. There is an entrance fee. Please checkout their website to know more. Click here to know Why We Love Aquaria KLCC (And You Should, Too!)

Malaysia ‘s Premier Petting Zoo, Farm in the City

Farm in the City is in the Seri Kembangan area yet surrounded by nature with trees and animals. To date its the best petting zoo in Malaysia. Animals are here are quite tame. My sons especially loved feeding the racoons.

There are lots of animals roaming around especially chickens and roosters. My own two budak bandar boys loved chasing chickens around.

To read about our adventures at Farm In the City, please click here. Malaysia ‘s Premier Petting Zoo, Farm in the City

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Melaka River Cruise

The River Cruise Melaka is a must try when visiting Melaka. Melaka has done so much to beautify the rivers and also their surroundings. What used to be kitchens or toilets of the homes along the river, now is beautiful shops and little cafes. There is even lots of attractive murals on the buildings. The cruise takes about 45 minutes. You can take the cruise from the jetty next to the Maritime Museum or from Taman Rempah in Pengkalan Rama. To see my review on the Melaka River Cruise, just visit my post An Outing in Historical Melaka

Mini Malaysia Melaka

The Mini Malaysia has different “kampung” (village) houses of the 14 states in Malaysia. You can go into each house to have a feel of the feel how people lived. You are able to go into the different rooms. Each house has different artifact with explanation as to what that item was for. It absolutely was fun explaining to my children what each item was for and how to use it. My little ones had a great time running through each house. Additionally, there are different cultural demos to learn from, like the gasing (top spinning), kueh-making (local dessert making) demo, batik painting. If you want for more information about Malaysia without visiting the various, pay a visit here. Mini Snips of Malaysia at Mini Malaysia Melaka


So this time around when we went back to Melaka, I brought the little ones for an outing at the Melaka Bird Park.

At first it didn’t look like much cause the reception and ticketing area appeared rather gloomy. But when you have entered the spacious park, you’ll be surprised especially by the size and how bright the place is. There are birds flying around. They even came to eat from your hand, seat on your head and shoulders. Two even landed on my shoulder. My kids were really amazed. You could even buy 3 small cups of bird food for RM10 to feed the birds. As people was feeding the birds at the entrance. So most of the birds were there. A big macaw managed to get the plastic cup of food from my hands.


Click here to know more about the Melaka Bird Park. Walking with the birds at Melaka Bird Park

Proclamation of Independence Memorial

The Proclamation of Independence Memorial was a Dutch Colonial Mansion. It used to be the Malacca Club, a clubhouse for the British Expatriate when the British ruled Malaysia. It was later converted into the Memorial depicting the Malaysian road to Independence.

To know more please click here Proclamation of Independence Memorial

Malacca Sultanate Palace, Melaka

A beautiful replica of the original Sultan Mansur Shah’s 15th-century palace. It is build the traditional way, without any nails. According to historical records, the original was destroyed a year after the sultan ascended the throne by lightning.

The outside the building is overwhelming. The garden areas are well taken care off.

To know more, please click here Malacca Sultanate Palace, Melaka

The St. Paul’s Hill- A little climb to History

After the Malacca Sultanate Palace, we opt to go up the hill to the St. Paul Church. We start at the bottom at the Porta de Santiago. The Porta de Santiago is what’s left of the A Formosa Fort. The Porta de Santiago is the most famous historical landmarks in Melaka. And you can see by the number of people visiting the Porta de Santiago. The Porta is actually a small gate house of the fortress.

To know more, please click here The St. Paul’s Hill- A little climb to History

Crowded But Interesting – Jonker Walk Night Market

When you are in Melaka, one of the places to visit is the Jonker Street. It is the Chinatown of Melaka. Its where many old buildings are located.You will find numerous cafes, restaurants, souvenirs, Nyonya Museums and also little Quaint Boutique Hotel. Be sure to walk the along streets including “Harmony Street” that has religious shrines or temples of many different faiths. This is what Melaka is all about.

Please click here to know more about Crowded But Interesting – Jonker Walk Night Market

A Visit to Tropical Fruit Farm Melaka

As always I was searching for something unique and educational to bring my ‘budak bandar’ kids this weekend. Some place close to Port Dickson. So we don’t spend time on the road. I’ve heard that there’s a fruit farm somewhere in Melaka. With loads of fruit trees to see. Its called the Melaka Tropical Fruit Farm in Sungai Udang.

Read my review here, A Visit to Tropical Fruit Farm Melaka

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Building Up Fun at Legoland Johor Malaysia

Part of my kid’s present was a trip into Legoland Theme Park. We didn’t take the water park as we didn’t want the children to be too exhausted.

We began at the Driving School at Legocity. Where my son got to drive his own Lego car around on the roads complete with traffic lights and stop signs. There’s also one for toddlers but my 5 year was not keen. So we move on. As the Boating School was under maintaince, we proceeded to the Rescue Academy. Its a little Fire Station. The activity here was more of a team effort. You need to pump the handle to move the fire truck to a building, run and pump water to a gap at the building. Until the fire fighter comes up, then run back to the fire truck and move back. It was fun challenging different families. Later my wife and my children went to the Airport City to go for Airplane Merry Go Round. To know more about Legoland Malaysia, please click here Building Up Fun at Legoland Johor Malaysia

Sealife Malaysia at Legoland Johor, Malaysia

On the last day of our Legoland holiday, we went into the Theme Park again. Reason being my princess wanted to drive again. And the rest wanted to go on the Dragon Roller Coaster. We spent another 2 hours at the Park. After that we cooled off at the Sealife Malaysia which was air conditioned.
The Sealife Malaysia is a rather new addition to Legoland Johor. Its an interesting sea life aquarium with many different sea species on display. Its not as big as the Aquaria KLCC but had better displays than the Water World in Langkawi. The displays were really vibrant.

For more info, please visit Sealife Malaysia at Legoland Johor, Malaysia

Rebuilding Up Fun at Legoland Johor Malaysia

As with the Legoland Hotel, we returned to the Legoland Theme Park because of my princess. And furthermore that we had a ton of fun the last time. This time I was fortunate. I purchased the Triple Pass Ticket and got the unlimited 365 daily entry Triple Park Pass for one year. So we could go in whenever we want too.

Click here to read my latest review on Rebuilding Up Fun at Legoland Johor Malaysia

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Army Museum Port Dickson

Port Dickson is known as ” the Army town” due to its large army and training base located here.
Together with that they also have the largest Army Museum in Malaysia. Its listed on the Tripadvisor’s No 1 thing to do in Port Dickson. So its a must visit when you are in Port Dickson.
The museum is has sections an open area and air conditioned rooms. But the main attraction were all at the open area. Here there is a a train and carriage, fighter jets with even their missiles attached, helicopters, various cannons, loads of tanks, a UN Peacekeeping jeep and even a large Satellite Dish. My son enjoyed exploring the army vehicles. We spent almost an hour outside. There is also a monument for those that was killed in the line of duty.

To know more what’s in the Army Museum, please click here A Boy’s Wonderland – Muzium Tentera Darat, Port Dickson

Pusat Ikan Hiasan Port Dickson

When a colleague who was from Port Dickson mentioned that there’s a little oceanarium with all colourful sea fishes. I search for it. But as with most places in Port Dickson, it was quite hidden. It took a while to locate it. The landmark to look for heading from Teluk Kemang is the Cendol Bakar shop just after a petrol station. Turn left after the Cendol Bakar and go straight in and turn right. There are no parking bays, so you have to park on the side of the road. Not sure how to get there, just refer to the Google Map at the bottom.

There is large number colourful sea fishes and corals. With fishes that most kids know – Dory and Nemo.

Click here to know more, Colourful Fishes at the Pusat Ikan Hiasan Port Dickson

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Sometime in 2018, I wrote a post on a little Mix and Match Petting Zoo in Port Dickson. Called the Windmill PD Farm. A blend between a Petting Zoo, Antique House and Haunted House. Recently I heard that its under new management, the people that runs Farm in the City in Seri Kembangan. We have visited the Farm in the City before and it was awesome. The children loved it.  You can read my review here. PHANTASY FARM, PORT DICKSON


Muzium Padi Kedah – Paddy Museum, Kedah

The name says it all, this museum highlights everything and anything about paddy and the activities related to it. One of the most fascinating item in this museum is the one of the kind display located on the 2nd floor. You go up by way of a dimly lit spiral staircase. After reaching the end, “WOW” you’ll be amaze. What beckons you is a 360 degrees auto rotating floor with a 3D mural of the surrounding landscape. You will have a view of beautiful paddy fields and the famous Gunung Keriang. This 360 degrees panoramic view mural is the going ons surrounding the Paddy Museum. The mural was painted by a Korean artist. The mural not only shows the surroundings but also the several seasons from planting till harvesting. Click here for more, Muzium Padi Kedah – Paddy Museum, Kedah

National Science Centre North Regional Branch- Kedah, Malaysia


Discovered this place from a Sightseeing Brochure at the Holiday Villa Alor Setar. Another hidden gem in Malaysia. Its not even listed on Tripadvisor’s “Things to do in Kedah”. It is a science centre similar to the Petrosains in Kuala Lumpur only smaller. Its located just next to the Paddy Museum. As it was pouring heavily outside, it was also great to escape the harsh weather. We went there after browsing Paddy Museum.
This kind of place is a great learning experience for kids. Here there is a lot of interactive displays where kids can participate. There are plenty of booths with different science experiments to try. All booths are not high, so most kids can participate. A word of advise to parents, don’t just sit watching. Participate with your children, describe to them different experiments. It will be more enjoyable for you and your kids. There are instructions on how each display works. To know more please click here. National Science Centre North Regional Branch- Kedah, Malaysia

Alor Setar Tower – “Alor Setar Landmark”

The key landmark here that can be viewed as you enter Alor Setar. Located next to Aman Central and over five-hundred ft above the sea level. Here you will get a 360° bird’s eye view of Alor Star and areas around it. You go up to the observation deck via a bubble lift. Up there you will have a magnificent view of the city and paddy fields. Most of the attractions in Alor Star can be seen from the Tower such as Pekan Rabu, Aman Mall, the Royal Museum, Zahir Mosque and Istana Kuning. In the distance you can see Gurung Jerai and Gunung Keriang where the Paddy Museum can be found. Alor Setar Tower – “Alor Setar Landmark”

A Glimpse at Langkawi’s Folklore – Makam Mahsuri

A must visit place when you are in Langkawi. Here lies the tomb of Mahsuri. Mahsuri was a young lady who lived in Langkawi whose family moved from an island in Thailand during the late eighteenth century. She was believed to be extremely beautiful. Her beauty led her downfall. When she was falsefully accused for adultery. On the day of her execution, she cursed the island of Langkawi to seven generations of misfortune. The curse has now lapsed and that is the reason Langkawi is booming. Google about this old stories, it will most likely make your visit fascinating.

To know more about this interesting place please click here A Glimpse at Langkawi’s Folklore – Makam Mahsuri

Mixed Feelings at Laman Padi Langkawi

Had mixed sentiments when visiting this place. Saw some incredible reviews on the food and Laman Padi. Yet when we were there, it was something very different. Not certain if we came at a wrong time. Reason being some Tripadvisor reviewers wrote about a café, with pleasant food. Where you could feast in little sheds in padi fields. But when we went there the place looked deserted.

To know more about Laman Padi Langkawi, please click here Mixed Feelings at Laman Padi Langkawi

Escaping the Sun at Underwater World Langkawi

The Underwater World Langkawi (UWL) is located in Pantai Cenang, Langkawi. Its found exactly toward the end of Pantai Cenang Road on the right hand side. Its not hard to miss it. Parking is plentiful, but it was full. Reason being we were there during the Malaysian School Holidays. What’s more, the complex is air-conditioned. An extraordinary spot to get away from the afternoon Langkawi sun.

For my simple review of the Underwater World Langkawi, do visit Escaping the Sun at Underwater World Langkawi


Red Carpet Wax Museum @ i-City, Shah Alam

The displays are divided with various themes. Some were realistic and some were not.
There were displays that you could join in to take photos. Like giving a speech at the United Nations with Obama and Putin or having tea with Audrey Hepburn. There were wax models of The Queen of England, William and Kate, the Beckhams, Jet Li and more. To know more, please click here. Red Carpet Wax Museum @ i-City, Shah Alam

Shah Alam


Mini Golf at Spritzer Ecopark, Taiping.

The Spritzer Ecopark is located right next to Spritzer factory, and there is the parking available in the park.
Driving in you’re going to be surrounded by lots of greenery with really fun roadsigns like monkey or otters crossing.
Here you can go for a tour of the Spritzer Bottling plant. Nevertheless we opt that out. Cause the Ecopark appeared more inviting. And it was free. With the all the trees around, the park look so refreshing and soothing. There was a little stream running through the cafe. Here is where mummy and opah relax while we played golf.  To know more, please click here Mini Golf at Spritzer Ecopark, Taiping.

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This Time Walking among Butterflies, Entopia Penang.

Visited in 2020

Fortunately we picked this spot as our first destination. Cause the following day. Malaysia was on lockdown and Entopia would have been closed. We didn’t get the opportunity to go to the Teddyville Museum cause they closed a day before the lockdown. I read in many websites on Penang that Entopia is the best spot to visit in Penang and I 100% concur with them. Although some may say the cost is somewhat steep, yet you should visit Entopia once in the course of your life.

For my review on this enchanting place, please visit This Time Walking among Butterflies, Entopia Penang.


Cameron Highlands Attractions, Pahang, Malaysia

Cameron Highlands a cool getaway

Cameron Highlands is the other cool getaway in Malaysia, beside Genting Highlands. Its about 1,500 metres above sea level within the Titiwangsa Range. It is known for its strawberries and lately you can find strawberry farms everywhere up here. The name Cameron came from the person who discovered it. It was discovered by an English Surveyor named William Cameron. It soon became a place where the British Expatriates went to escape the heat of the lowlands.

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Recently there are numerous routes built to reach Cameron Highlands. My favourite is by the comfortable road via Simpang Pulai. This route is less winding and on some parts there are two lanes for slow moving lorry. But don’t get too comfortable when driving down as at some parts of the way there are sharp turnings. I have seen a number of drivers landing in the ditch because they were too fast and don’t have time to slow down when the turning comes. Otherwise it’s a very comfortable road. One more thing to watch is the turning up to Cameron Highlands. There is a T junction, if you go straight you will go to Gua Musang. You have to the turn right towards Kampung Raja. The landmark is a tea plantation called the Blue Valley.

Where to go in Cameron Highlands

Strawberry Farms

Upon reaching Cameron you will find numerous Strawberry Farms littered around. This is due to its cold climate that is suitable for this little fruits. They are easy to spot because there are huge signboards with directions all along the way. You can even have the experience of picking your own strawberries. Some of the popular ones are Raju’s Hill (his strawberries are popular, that you have to go early because they are normally sold out 4.00pm) and The Big Red Strawberry in Brinchang Town. But just note to get to the Big Red Strawberry, there is a steep climb up the hill.

Nowadays it looks like strawberry is the icon of Cameron Highlands, cause you will find lots of shops selling merchandise that is strawberry based like fridge magnets, key chains, pillow and so on.

Tea Plantation

William Cameron saw potential in this valley, its cooling climate, rich soil and moderate sunshine for growing tea. There are many tea plantations with teashops where you can sip a cup of tea with a couple of scones. My favourite is the Sungai Palas tea shop. It is sort of hanging over the tea plantations, so you can have a cup of BOH tea and a couple of scones while enjoying the breathtaking view of the greenery below. There is also a factory where they produce the tea leaves that you can walk through with one of their guides. Some of the machinery here are really old but in good working order. The factory is a good place to bring your kids, to show them how tea is made. You have to park below and walk up. There are two ways up, one through the tea plants but this way is a bit tough for the elderly. The other way is by a paved road but not too scenic as the first. There is also a souvenir shop selling BOH’s tea products and souvenirs. Don’t forget to bring your camera because the view is excellent. Avoid weekends and public holidays if you don’t like crowd cause this place gets really crowded. FYI the teashop and factory is closed on Mondays.


Time Tunnel

The Time Tunnel in Cameron Highlands is also known as the Local Museum. You won’t find the usual historical items on display like other museum. What you will find here is artefacts that will bring a sense of nostalgia to you. You will find antiques that you might have used before or toys that you might have played. There is even the tin aerosol spray that we had to refill it and spray around the house. The Time Tunnel is located between Brinchang and Kea Farm at a place called Kok Lim Strawberry Farm.

Flower Gardens in Cameron Highlands

The cooling weather makes it an ideal place for growing flowers too. You will see flowers growing beautifully everywhere. There are large farms planting flowers to be exported overseas. There are places where you can see hibiscus as big as your face.
So naturally you will find flower gardens everywhere. One of them is the Rose Garden in Kea Farm. It used to be my wife’s favourite place to bring her friends or family where they come up here. There is a variety of roses and also other flowers. Now she prefers the Taman Agroteknologi Mardi.

Taman Agroteknologi Mardi

This Flower Garden is located 1km away from the town of Tanah Rata. Taman Agroteknologi is actually a research centre for Mardi. Now they have made it into a park. As the Cameron weather is cooling you can actually take a slow walk from the Tanah Rata bus station to this park. The entrance fee is RM3.00 per person. When we go there we spent almost two hours walking around. Reason is the flowers are planted spaciously not clustered like some of the flower garden around here. Among the major attractions are the English Garden, strawberry garden, vegetable and flower gardens and the sale centre. If you need a drink and don’t want to leave there is also a cafeteria there. I liked it because the gardens are grown beautifully and not clustered, so even there is a large crowd inside it doesn’t seem to be crowded.

Where to stay in Cameron Highlands

As with most tourist destinations in Malaysia, there are alot of different accommodation to choose from. Having stayed in a few places in Cameron Highlands. I have given some review on the various accommodation. There’s a boutique hotel set up from an old English school to 4 star hotels in the main towns of Cameron Highlands. Visit my page here to know more. Where to Stay In Cameron Highlands

When you need to escape the heat in lowlands, come up to Cameron Highlands to enjoy its fresh air, strawberries, flowers and coolnest. In my next post I have posted my reviews on some of the hotels in Cameron Highlands. So bookmark this site for more of my Travels at Malaysia.


Sungai Palas BOH Tea Plantation

Sungai Palas BOH Teahouse

After a long narrow winding drive you come to the Sungai Palas BOH teahouse which looks like its hanging from the hill. The view from it is awesome.

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From the teahouse this looks like one of those castle in the Fairy Tale Stories

Sungai Palas BOH Tea Factory

At the Sungai Palas Tea Plantation you can also visit the factory to see how tea is made. They are still using some of the old machinery. There are some of the machinery on display near the factory

An old Furnace door

Visiting the BOH tea plantation is truly an educational experience. You can see upclose how the is grown, harvested and made. But take note that the plantation closes at 4pm and is closed on Mondays. So on your visit to Cameron Highlands, Sungai Palas BOH Plantation is not to be missed.

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Where to Stay In Cameron Highlands

Accomodations in Cameron Highlands

I am presently based in Cameron Highlands but we sometimes like to stay at some of the hotels. Sort of our romantic getaway. We do it on special occasion like birthdays and anniversary. Below are some of the places we have stayed. As mentioned in my previous review on hotels in Port Dickson, these are my comments, how I felt when I stayed there. They might have done some renovations or upgrading. I hope this will be some help to you.

Hotels in Cameron Highlands

Bala Chalets
This is a Boutique Hotel that is made to resemble a charming English style inn. It is located on a hill overlooking lush greenery, so you won’t be able to hear the traffic below. This inn was actually a boarding school in 1934 for European expatriate children with teachers recruited from England. They started with 150 pupils and 22 teachers. It’s a very charming place and is very peaceful. Especially at night. I feel that it’s the cheaper version of the Smokehouse. The rooms are also decorated to match their English Inn theme but there is no phone so room service is out of the question. Their scones is a must try. I personally feel it’s much better than the ones sold in the Ye Olde Smokehouse.

View The Bala’s Holiday Chalet in a larger map

Heritage Hotel
We stayed there during the November school holidays. I normally avoid staying at hotels during school holidays, because I like some peace and quiet. But it was our anniversary. We had dinner outside and later check in into Heritage. The hotel is located in Tanah Rata town just behind the Convent School. It is located on a hill so it’s quite a distance for those people who don’t like walking to town. But with cool Cameron fresh air, taking a slow stroll to town will be wonderful. The room we got was large and overlooking some hills. It was beautiful. If you are looking for a hotel near to town this is the best place.

View Heritage Hotel in a larger map

Natasya Resort Cameron Highlands
Natasya Resort Cameron Highlands offers cosy apartment style accommodation in the Kea Farm area. They are located within the same premises of Equatorial Hotel Cameron Highlands. Reason being is that Perwanza which owns Natasya Cosmetic bought over some of the apartment units from the Hotel Equatorial. The apartments were refurbished, so they look brand new. The reception is located in a building called the entertainment complex on the left at the road entry to Equatorial Hotel. The hotel doesn`t have any food outlets. But you don’t have to worry about food as Brinchang is just 4km away. And on every Fridays and Saturdays there is the night market there.

Equatorial Cameron Highlands (now Copthorne Cameron Highlands)
Equatorial Cameron Highlands is easy to locate as it is the biggest hotel in Cameron Highlands. It is situated at the top of the mountain about 1,628 meters above sea level and is easily accessible from Simpang Pulai and also Tapah. The resort offers two options for accommodation which is the apartment or a hotel rooms. Just note that the apartment doesn’t have cooking facilities. There are two restaurants and two lounges in the hotel. It’s located just walking distance from Kea Farm so you are able to walk to Kea Farm and also Raju Strawberry Farm. Now its called Copthorne Cameron HIghlands

View Equatorial Cameron Highlands in a larger map

Holiday Homes in Cameron Highlands

Apart from hotels, there are numerous idivually rented apartments. These are apartments bought and renovated by certain individuals and rented on daily basis like hotel rooms. You can choose from three bedroom to even studio apartments depending on your requirements. Most apartments have hot water showers, cable tv with numerous channels and kitchen where you can cook. For the muslim people coming up, I would suggest you look for apartments rented out for muslim people in partcular. Reason being is |I have noticed some people bringing dogs to some of these apartments and the cooking facilities might be used to cook a non halal meat.

In Cameron Highlands there are a lot of accomodation, but my suggestion is to book a room before you come up. I have seen people sleeping in cars are there are no more rooms available especially on peak holidays like Chinese New Year, Labour Day and so on. See you next time on more of my Travels at Malaysia.



Millennium & Copthorne takes over Equatorial Cameron Highlands

Millennium & Copthorne has taken over the management of a hotel in Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands.

Just in Case you were wondering where is Equatorial Cameron Highlands

From 1 January 2013, the Equatorial Cameron Highlands will be rebranded as the Copthorne Hotel Cameron Highlands, offering 268 rooms and suites plus 141 low-rise apartments set across more than five hectares of land, 1,628 metres above sea level.

Read More Here traveldailymedia.com/mc-takes-over-cameron-highlands-hotel/