Sights and Sound of Bazaar Ramadhan

Today Muslims around the world will be celebrating the Holy month of Ramadhan. This is when they would fast between sunrise till sunset. The month of Ramadhan means alot to some. Its a time devoted to spiritual contemplation and contemplate the suffering of others. Apart from that to some the Ramadhan signify that Hari Raya Puasa is just around the corner, especially for the little ones. The litle ones look forward to the nice Raya cloths and the little green packets filled with money. For me the fasting month is an opportunity to try food that is quite hard to come by. Cause during the month of Ramadhan food stalls will be set up selling mouth-watering food and drinks to break fast with. The area where the stalls are set up is usually in a large carpark or an open field. So far the biggest and best Bazaar was at the Shah Alam Stadium in Batu 13 Shah Alam. They took most of the carpark and there are hudreds of stalls of every kind of food and beverage.

There you can find usual ‘buka puasa’ food, such as ‘murtabak’, ‘roti John’, chicken rice. There is also other traditional specialties like the nasi kerabu’ and ‘nasi minyak’ served with a variety of dishes. My favourite will be the “Sambal Ikan Bilis Petai” Yummy!!! At the Bazaar look out for the stall selling Ayam Golek. Its skewered whole chicken slowly roasted over gas and charcoal in a rotational movement. On normal months its hard to find this dish. At the Ayam Golek stall also look out for their Honey Roasted Chicken Wings. Its yummy Apart from food there are also stalls selling a colourful display of beverages. You will find sugar cane, coconut, soya bean and many more.
Bazaar Ramadhan
Photo Credit :- Phalinn Ooi

Stalls are normally set up at about 3 in the afternoon as they want to capture people that leave from work at 5. And for dessert you will findlots of local kuih like kuih ketayap, onde onde and kuih cara. So the place gets very busy and crowded around 5.30 till 6.30pm. So if you have the chance come early thats when you don’t have to rush and get first choice of the goodies. Don’t expect to see any dining area or chairs around as the foods were made to be taken away.
So if you are in Malaysia during the fasting month head over to the Bazzar Ramadhan and you will not be disappointed. 


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