Legoland Johor Malaysia, Rebuilding the Fun

A Revisit to Legoland Theme Park

As with the Legoland Hotel, we returned to the Legoland Theme Park because of my princess. And furthermore that we had a ton of fun the last time. This time I was fortunate. I purchased the Triple Pass Ticket and got the unlimited 365 daily entry Triple Park Pass for one year. So we could go in whenever we want too.

The Entrance
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We had an early breakfast and waited outside the entrance early. Point to note. They don’t permit outside food and beverages into the park. The security will check your bags. But they do standby chiller lockers for rent to store in case you brought anything.

We started at the Driving School for my son. And princess took the Junior Driving School. Which she like so much so that we had to come back the next day.

Junior Driving School
Then we headed over to the Boating School. We had so much fun, should have heard mummy laughing.

Boating School

The Shipyard

Then the Lego City Airport. Later to Pharaoh’ s Revenge shooting baddies. Then to the much anticipated Ninjago Ride. A fun 3D ride. Wanted to go again the next day but alas there were some technical issues

Lego City Airport

Rescue Academy
Pharoah’s Revenge


Had ice cream at the Burger Junction to cool down. Then a short stopover at the Duplo Playtown with a mini train ride. Took a 360 view of Legoland from the Observation Tower.

Duplo Playtown
As everyone was tired, we skipped the Lego Kingdoms. But we came back the next day. Here my wife and eldest son took a roller coaster ride on the The Dragon. Later they took a ride on the Dragon Apprentice roller coaster which was slightly smaller.

The Dragon

We ate at the Asian Deli by the Lego Academy. Athough its was a bit costly but it was delicious. While the wife and the two littler children were resting at the Asian Deli. I and the oldest made a beeline for the Star Wars show. We were so charmed the wonderful Star Wars creation that we go through 20 minutes in there. Really sad that this display is finishing toward the year’s end.

Star Wars
Kids Power Tower


As everyone was tired we headed back to our room. Took a 2 hour rest and headed to the Lego Waterpark. We had a good time there too riding the Build A Raft river.

Our Verdict

The entire family particularly the youngsters loved it so much. Everything is so clean and they took extraordinary effort in guaranteeing safety of each ride. Indeed, even the Waterpark, safety was taken consideration off. There were free flotation jackets for the grown-ups and kids free if charge. Furthermore, there were lifeguards station at each corner. Will return as we currently have a 365 every day passage Triple Pass.


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