Putrajaya, Malaysia

Putrajaya, Administration Capital of Malaysia

Putrajaya is the new administration capital of Malaysia replacing Kuala Lumpur which is 25km south. However Kuala Lumpur is still the financial and commercial capital of Malaysia. Putrajaya is a planned city with emphasises the preservation of its eco-system. Therefore about 70% of Putrajaya is still nature with lush greenery, botanical gardens and enhanced by large bodies of water and wetlands. So its rather different from Kuala Lumpur which is a concrete jungle and quite crowded.

What To See in Putrajaya

A lot of planning have gone into the development of Putrajaya to make it a modern city with the latest technology and infrastructure. The streets are designed with well-paved roads while the government buildings are a blend of modern architecture with Islamic elements. Commercial, governmental agencies and residential areas have been divided into precincts. There is even a waterway that cuts through the city, flowing into a large lake. So naturally places of interest are modern in design. Below are some of these places.

Perdana Putra
Located in Precinct 1, it houses the offices of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Ministers and their Deputies. Perdana Putra overlooks the Putrajaya Lake. It’s a distinctive labdmark in Putrajaya with its green pitched roof and onion-shaped main dome, surrounded by four smaller domes. There is no entrance fee but you need to leave your I’D or Passport for non Malaysian at the entrance.

Putrajaya International Convention Center Putrajaya International Convention Centre or as its locally known PICC is on top of Taman Puncak Selatan in Precinct 5. The building is shaped like a Tradisional Malay royal belt buckle. Its equipped with modern facilities, therefore its able to host international and regional conventions, exhibitions and private functions. Seri Perdana Seri Perdana is the official residence of the Prime Minister of Malaysia. As Malaysian love to hold open houses to welcome people, it is also used for welcoming heads of state, heads of government, state dignitaries and the also the public. The first resident of this house was Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia’s fourth Prime Minister. Multi-lingual, translated guided Tours are provided daily. For more info, just visit its website. Seri Perdana, Putrajaya Landmark (Mercu Tanda) The Putrajaya Landmark or Mercu Tanda is the first landmark in Putrajaya. It symbolises the beginnings of Putrajaya with its time capsule structure. Its design is a combination of a modern with contemporary and traditional motifs. Plaza Mercu or Landmark Plaza, is landscaped with trees and water fountains. Millennium Monument Located in Precinct 2, it is the first national monument to be built in Putrajaya. Pillar towers above the monument takes the shape of a hibiscus. It contains a wealth of information on the country’s history as well as its achievements. Putra Mosque I feel that other than the mosque in Kuala Kangsar, this is one of the most beautiful mosque in Malaysia. It has a unique pink dome which is constructed from rose-tinted granite and comprises of a prayer hall, the courtyard, learning facilities and function rooms. The mosque accommodates 15,000 worshippers and boasts a 116-metre, five-tiered minaret, the tallest in the region. Situated next to a lake, it incorporates Islamic architecture from countries such as Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Morocco. Free entry, open every day from 9 AM to 5 PM. Non-Muslims may not enter the mosque building itself during prayer hours. Proper attire is advised as this is a place of worship.

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