National Science Centre North Regional Branch- Kedah, Malaysia

National Science Centre North Regional Branch- Pusat Sains Negara Cawangan Wilayah Utara

Discovered this place from a Sightseeing Brochure at the Holiday Villa Alor Setar.Another hidden gem in Malaysia. Its not even listed on Tripadvisor’s “Things to do in Kedah”. It is a science centre similar to the Petrosains in Kuala Lumpur only smaller. Its located just next to the Paddy Museum. As it was pouring heavily outside, it was also great to escape the harsh weather. We went there after browsing Paddy Museum.

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This kind of place is a great learning experience for kids. Here there is a lot of interactive displays where kids can participate. There are plenty of booths with different science experiments to try. All booths are not high, so most kids can participate. A word of advise to parents, don’t just sit watching. Participate with your children, describe to them different experiments. It will be more enjoyable for you and your kids. There are instructions on how each display works.

There are also an area for toddlers, to keep them occupied.
Here are some pictures. Its not much cause I was busy with my boys. Therefore not much time to take out photos.


Its a great place to bring your kids to learn about science when you are in Kedah. We unknowningly spend two hours there.  There are ample parking and parking is free. Extrance fee is not to expensive. Its only RM2.00 for adults.

Address :- Pusat Sains Negara Cawangan Wilayah Utara (PSNCWU)
Gunung Keriang
06500 Alor Setar, Kedah

Tel :           +604-720 7700
Fax :          +604-720 7701 


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