My Bucket List after this Covid 19 Pandemic

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As I am stuck in my wife’s hometown of Kuala Kangsar due to the sudden Lockdown by the Malaysian Government. We were actually in Penang when the Lockdown was announced. But managed to reach Kuala Kangsar, on the day it was implemented. So we still could move back freely. However we couldn’t go back to Port Dickson. Due to the distance. So I am stuck here with a low internet coverage as my in law’s house is really deep in. But its a very nice place to relax. This is one of the reason I am not able to post about our recent trip to Penang. However with all the free time in my hand. I could really plan a bucket list of places to visit after this Pandemic clears. And it will. Thanks to the great people in our Health Ministry. THANKS ALOT GUYS.

To start with my bucket list. I was actually planning to go to Sekinchan in April cause its when they start planting the paddy. However that is on hold due to the Pandemic.


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We have been to Kedah to show my kids about how rice is produced and where its grown. There is a very nice Muzium there, dedicated to everything about rice. Museum Padi was really educational for the kids and also us. However I have just found out that at Sekinchan there is activities of planting Paddy that families can get involved. This kind of experience is what I am always looking for. There’s is even activities of cycling around the paddy fields. A great activity for my ‘Budak Bandar’. I have also a little quaint homestay to stay here overlooking the paddy fields. Called the Padi Box. Hope its still open after the Lockdown.
Something about Sekinchan. Sekinchan is in the state of Selangor. It is one of the main producers of rice apart from Kedah. People go there for the green paddy fields. So its best to get more details about when the start planting and the best time to be there. What the people in Padi Box mentioned to me was the best time to be in Sekinchan is between April till July. Apart from the paddy fields and its activities, we plan can also go for the Sky Mirror Tour and also the Fishing Village Tour. That will be in another post for later days


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When I was working in Cherating. The Terengganu border was just 20 minutes away. But back then about 20 years ago it was still a bit backward. There were nothing much to see, only the beautiful beaches. I only managed to visit the Pasar Payang, in Kuala Terengganu. But back then it was shops with mainly selling brass ware. As we were there for work, we didn’t go anywhere else. Going through Instagram pics on places in Terengganu, I found nowadays there is alot of places to see. Like the Terengganu Drawbridge, Masjid Kristal, Pasar Payang (Central Market), Taman Tamadun Islam. 
While working in Terengganu, I read that there were this guy buying up old malay traditional houses and restoring them at his resort to its original state but with modern facilities. Some of the houses were as old as 100 years. A few of our hotel guest visited the resort and mentioned that the resort was beautiful. Didn’t get a chance to visit the area, as I was transfered out. Lately found back the resort on Instagram. Its called Terrapuri. It still have the old houses. Now there’s 29 houses. Plan to visit this place when I am in Terangganu.


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When I was in the Scouts during school days. I loved to go camping. Loved the whole outdoor things like cooking over open fire, campfires, hiking and so on. But alas my kids are being brought in town with very protective parents . Thats us. Well I guess all parents nowadays are like that. Luckily my wife’s hometown in quite remote. So my kids get to try things like peel and grate coconuts, climb trees. 
I would love to bring them for camping. Luckily nowadays, there’s Glamping. Glamping is the short form for Glamorous Camping. Camping with some amenities of a resort. Like fans, nice comfortable beds. Some even comes with toilets attach. Most are large tents with this amenities inside.  I researched and found that Malaysia also have a few places like this. One is the Sunway Tambun in Ipoh. The Glamping site is located in the Lost World of Tambun. Next to a lake. There is even packages offering entry into their theme park which is just walking distance. And from the pictures in their website the room looks very cost. A little five star in the woods.
Apart from Sunway Tambun, there are lots more glamping sites in Penisular Malaysia. There is the Caravan Serai in Pahang, Tadom Hills in Selangor, Kanopi Villa in Bentong, Gopeng Glamping

PENANG a revisit

“Malaysia Penang- Georgetown KOMTAR Building-01&” by Sheba_Also 43,000 photos is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 
I would love to revisit Penang. There were few places that I had plan to visit but couldn’t. One is time constrained. One more is due to the Covid lockdown. As I noticed Penang is only a 2 hour drive from Kuala Kangsar. If the Lockdown is lifted before the Hari Raya holidays. Might just take a drive there. We still like the beach at Batu Ferringhi, but will look somewhere else. I like to stay at different places. Maybe somewhere nearer to the night market. So we can just walk around.
Some of the places that I had planned for the last trip was the Teddy Bear Muzium. It was just a few minutes drive from the Hard Rock Hotel Penang. But alas it was closed one day before the Lockdown. Will visit again. Another few more places that I had planned was the Top at Komtar with its Rainbow Skwalk. There is also the Jurassic Research Centre, Penang State Gallery, Penang Boutique Aquarium and more.


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  1. Hah! I am stuck too and haven’t visited my parents yet. Glad that we managed to return from Tioman just in time before the lockdown. Imagine if we have to stay in Tioman – maybe great for a vacation but for a lockdown? ANyway, stay safe and stay home! 🙂 – khai of

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