Muzium Padi Kedah – Paddy Museum, Kedah

An Educational Visit to the Paddy Museum, Kedah

The name says it all, this museum highlights everything and anything about paddy and the activities related to it. One of the most facinating item in this museum is the one of the kind display located on the 2nd floor. You go up by way of a dimly lit spiral staircase. After reaching the end, “WOW” you’ll be amaze. What beckons you is a 360 degrees auto rotating floor with a 3D mural of the surounding landscape. You will have a view of beautiful paddy fields and the famous Gunung Keriang. This 360 degrees paranomic view mural is the going ons surrounding the Paddy Museum. The mural was painted by a Korean artist. The mural not only shows the surroundings but also the several seasons from planting till harvesting.

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The ground floor shows the history, process and products of paddy and rice. There are so many types of Paddy from various countries. There is also displays of the plantation tools and machinery they used. Rice planting and harvesting method. And also the history of paddy planting in Malaysia.

There is also displays of different products made from rice from beauty products to food products.

There is also a souvenir shop at the ground floors. We bought the rice tea and my little one bought a scarecrow pencil. You can buy the bedak sejuk. Bedak sejuk is a traditional facial powder produced from fermented rice. The name “bedak sejuk” is Malay for “cold powder” and called so because it has a cooling effect on the skin when used. The benefits associated with bedak sejuk besides its cooling effects. Is it reduces oil on skin, makes skin feel fresh and clean, smoothen skin and also reduces rashes even for newborns. My grandmum used to make her own bedak sejuk. Photo service is available that you can pose as farmers.

Outside the museum next to the parking area there is a little cafe selling drinks and snacks.


Highly recommended for everyone to show thr future generations how paddy is cultivated. Its very educational. The Museum is quite big. A must visit place in Kedah. All along the way you will see paddy fields. Its so peaceful.

Address :-                 Muzium Padi,
Lot 798 Jalan Gunung Keriang, Mukim Gunung Keriang,
06570 Alor Setar, Kedah Darul Aman.

Tel :                           04-735 1315

Opening Hours :- Daily  9am-5pm (except Fridays closed at 12.30 to 2.30pm)

Entrance Fee :      RM3.00 Adults   RM2.00 Child 


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