Laman Padi Langkawi, Mixed Feelings

Had mixed sentiments when visiting this place. Saw some incredible reviews on the food and Laman Padi. Yet when we were there, it was something very different. Not certain if we came at a wrong time. Reason being some Tripadvisor reviewers wrote about a café, with pleasant food. Where you could feast in little sheds in padi fields. But when we went there the place looked deserted.

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The Laman Padi is a pleasant idea for spreading info and the history of rice. We have been to the Padi Museum in Kedah. Which was somewhat educational. Be that as it may, the Laman Padi was unique. They had they own padi field alongside buffaloes and ducks. Anyway the spot ia poorly maintained. Be that as it may, entrance fee is free. I suppose so, cause there were no one around collecting anything.
When we went there, Langkawi was experiencing a rainy spell. Perhaps the traveler moving around was lesser. So the management felt it was a waste to do the activities. There were no one to welcome us or show us around. We just strolled around looking at the various displays. Looking at the padi fields, we assume that they did some sort of demonstration on methods for gathering padi there. Be that as it may, similar to I mentioned before possibly we came at an wrong time.
There were various displays demonstrating the way toward planting padi till the creation of rice. Which was very informative. With certain diversions side interests that the farmers enjoy. Outside there is likewise a nearby herb garden, diverse hardware utilized. Both generally and present day. What’s more, a padi field total with scarecrow. Extraordinary spot for taking photographs.

My Verdict

A nice informative place to learn about production of rice. But I feel the management should put in more activities to let people feel whats it like to be in a padi field. You can charge a small fee. People like me don’t mind paying if the experience is unique.
Open everyday from 10am to 6pm.
Address: Laman Padi, Pantai Cenang, Mukim Kedawang 
Phone: (+604) 955 4312


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