Mini Malaysia Melaka. Mini Snips of Malaysia

Experience Different Traditional Houses at Mini Malaysia

I visited the Mini Malaysia some time ago. Those days Air Keroh was just coming up. That was some 10 years ago.So this time I brought my two sons and a nephew here. Just to let them see the different Malaysian traditional houses. I also wanted to see the Mini Asean. Which was said to house different Asian Houses. But alas it was under renovation.

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The Mini Malaysia gives you a great value for your money for the educational experience. There are 14 different types of “kampung” (village) houses of the 14 states in Malaysia. You can go into each house to get a feel of each house.

Traditional Malaysian House

My only disappointment is that the Sarawak house was under renovation so we were not able to go in.

Replica of house from the state of Sarawak

Just a note. To go into the houses here you will need to take your shoes. Its a Malaysian Custom, where visitors take off their shoes before entering the house.

Replica of a house from the state of Kedah

And also there is nowhere to sit except for the staircase. So wear slip on or sandals. Also as most Malaysian traditional houses are on stilts. It is not suitable for anyone who has any walking difficulties as entrances are steep.

Replica of a house from the state of Perlis

Each house had some artifact with some explanation as to what that item was for. It was nice explaining to my kids how the farmers separate the padi from their stems. This time what was missing was the mannequin dressed in traditional costume. So the houses looked bare. Evenso my little ones had a blast running through each house. There are also different cultural demonstrations to learn from, such as the gasing (spinning top) demo, kueh-making (local sweet delicacy) demo, batik painting demo.  Bring an Umbrella or cap to come here as there are not much shades between houses.



Traditional Cakes and Pastries in Malaysia



There is also horse-riding, souvenir shops and a little cafe just at the entrance.

Mini Malaysia & ASEAN Cultural Park
Exit Lebuh Ayer Keroh, Melaka, 75450 Melaka

Entrance Fee :- RM18.00 adults  RM10.00 child

As you will have first hand experience of traditional Malaysian “kampung” houses throughout all the states of Malaysia. All the states represented in one place, worth visiting to learn a little bit of Malaysian history. I really hope the management of Mini Malaysia maintains and upkeep the area. So we have a place to show our future generation how out ancestors lived. Will visit the Mini Asean once its ready. 


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