Spritzer Ecopark, Taiping. 18 hole Mini Golf

In my travels around, I have found that Malaysia have lots of little hidden gems. You need to look. I discovered this place while researching of places to see in Taiping. The Spritzer Ecopark is located right next to Spritzer factory, and there is the parking available in the park.
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Driving in you’re going to be surrounded by lots of greenery with really fun roadsigns like monkey or otters crossing.
Here you can go for a tour of the Spritzer Bottling plant. Nevertheless we opt that out. Cause the Ecopark appeared more inviting. And it was free. With the all the trees around, the park look so refreshing and soothing. There was a little stream running through the cafe. Here is where mummy and opah relax while we played golf.

There were a small 18 hole mini golf course under large trees. Therefore its not to hot. It cost about RM12 for adults and RM8 for children. It was well worth it seeing the fun on my kids faces . We didn’t follow the rules. Just let them see who gets in the hole first.

My Verdict

A great place to relax and have some fun with the kids. If you are ever in Taiping, plan a trip to visit Spritzer Eco park. My two sons really enjoyed playing golf. We had lots of fun. Or you just take a walk in the park. The air at the park is very cooling and very fresh.
Address :-
Spritzer EcoPark,
Lot 898, Jalan Reservoir,
Off Jalan Air Kuning,
34000 Taiping, Perak.
Telephone Number :-605-807-2663
Website :- Spritzer Ecopark



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