Osamin Assam Pedas. Yummy Fish Roe Assam Pedas

Melaka is famous for their Assam Pedas. Asam Pedas simply meanssour and spicy”. What it is, is a soury spicy broth that goes well with fish. I like my Asam Pedas with slices of Stingray. The sourness comes from sour tamarind juice and the spicyness is from fresh chili peppers.
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My goddaughter introduced us to this place in Teluk Mas that serves Fish Roe Assam Pedas. Something unique that we never have tasted. Therefore we were game on trying it. The shop is called “Asam Pedas Osamin Melaka”. As with most of my post here, I have attached a Google Map location of this place.

The shop is a typical Malaysia coffee shop. Non air-conditioned but cooled down with large fans. Its located just next to the SK Teluk Mas. Where you can park your car. Do go early cause we reach there at 12.00 noon luckily and the place got filled up by 12.30pm.
When you walk into the restaurant, you will find plates of pre-portion asam pedas with a variety of fish and fish roe.

There is also a variety of pre-plated grilled fish to chose from if you don’t fancy asam pedas.

There was also a wide variety of meats, seafood and vegetables but we went there for the asam pedas. So we took a plate of Fish Roe Asam Pedas. We also individually took some dishes from the counter. I had the “Quaill Egg Sambal” which was spicy but tasted yummy.

My Verdict

If you want to taste authentic fish roe asam pedas, then this is the place for you. Its quite out of town and you might have to use your Waze or Google Maps to find it. Parking is at a school carpark, so was ample as we went on a Sunday. On a school day it might be packed. It might be hot but with ample fans around should alright. Price was alright. We had a plate of fish roe asam pedas, 4 plain rice, 6 cold beverages, same dishes from the counter. This came up to RM44.00. Word of caution. After you have taken your food, let the staff there calculate how much it is cause for everyone. She will write in a piece of paper and hand it to you. When paying just hand this slip to the cashier.
Address :- KM 10 Kampung, Kampung Jawa, 75460 Telok Mas, Melaka
Open Daily from 8.00am till 5.00pm (closed on Wednesdays)



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