Family Travel – Road Trip with a Two Year Old

How to Survive travelling with a Two Year Old

Kids TandemTravelling with a 2 year old kid can be nerve wreaking. For you and also the kid. Therefore you need to plan ahead to enjoy your holiday and not be exhausted when its all over. Having two lively and energetic boys, planning for a road trip how short it may be for me starts one week before the trip. Here are some of my tips from past experiences on how I survived traveling with my kids. I am sure you have some too, just share them in the comments below.

1. Plan your travel time.

I normally travel after lunch about 1.00pm. Reason being that this is normally the time my little one takes a nap. So this gives me about two hours of fuss free travel time.

2. Bring a portable DVD player.

Before the trip I will purchase some of his favourite cartoon or nursery rhyme DVDs to bring along. I avoid full length cartoons as my two year old gets bored very fast. That is why lively nursery rhymes works well with him. Ensure you fully charge your DVD batteries before you start your trip. And if you are going for a long trip, purchase a Cigarette Lighter Adapter that can be plugged into your Cigarette Lighter receptacle to plug your device to. So as your player is constantly charged. Also don’t forget to charge up your hand phones or tablets as a spare.

3. Have little snacks on standby

Pack little snacks for him to munch cause a hungry kid gets irritated fast. Pack something dry, as you don’t want to leave a mess in the car or on him. I normally pack biscuits, some sliced fruits or even his favourite teddy bear biscuits. Avoid sugary snack, otherwise you will have a hyper active kid bouncing around in the car. As for beverages, I normally have plain water in a bottle with a spout cause I don’t want to have water spilling on him when the car brakes. There a lot of great snack ideas here Travel Snacks Kids on Pinterest

4. Pack his favourite toy.

Bring along some of his favourite toys for them to play in the car. Buy a cute little backpack for them to put their toys in, that they can proudly carry around. Pack some light toys in it. A word of advise avoid balls, as you don’t want see balls flying around the car. It’s a very dangerous distraction when you’re driving. I have found some interesting games and toys for travelling here. DISforum- Road Trip Help Please


 5. Make sure you have a shade from the sun

I used to purchase different Sun Shades that had a suction cups but my little one kept pulling them out. What followed was the Sun Screen got damaged fast or suction cups went missing. I later found at our local DIY Store, curtains that can easily be fitted on your car windows. Its great for keeping the sun out of my kids face. Therefore if your local authorities allows, fix up a curtain in your car especially if you plan to travel in the afternoons.

6. Have another carry on.

When I travel with my little one, I normally have another bag that I keep in the car next to me or my wife. In it I put the essentials that I will need like extra diapers, extra clothes, towel, his travel soap, a formula (all pre measured in a milk compartment), a flask of hot water, drinking water, 2 or 3 milk bottles and so on. All the essentials that I might need will be at arms length. Don’t forget tissue and wet wipes. They’re useful for washing hands, cleaning toilet seats, and wiping down restaurant tables. Visit this website should you need some ideas what to add in your carry on. Family Travel Tips: Packing Guide: Airplane Carryon for Babies Toddlers and Kids

Please free to add some of your ideas in the comment box on how you travel with your two year old

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