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The St. Paul’s Hill- A little climb to History

The St. Paul's Hill- A little climb to History

After the Malacca Sultanate Palace, we opt to go up the hill to the St. Paul Church. We start at the bottom at the Porta de Santiago. The Porta de Santiago is what’s left of the A Formosa Fort. The Porta de Santiago is the most famous historical landmarks in Melaka. And you can see by the number of people visiting the Porta de Santiago. The Porta is actually a small gate house of the fortress.




After the photo opt at the gate, we walked up a flight of stairs to the St. Paul’s Church. The walk-up is great and large trees provided some shade from the evening sun. Along the way there are locals selling their wares such as paintings, small souvenirs and so on. The walk up is worth it. Reason being upon reaching up, the view is spectacular. You can see the old Malacca for miles. Upon reaching the top you will come to the ruins of the St. Paul Church.


Inside the church there are many tombstones and also the grave site where St. Francis was buried before his body was exhumed to be buried in Goa.

At the entrance there is a statue of St.Francis. The statue had one of its hands missing due to a bomb during the second world war.

We followed the path which brought us down to the other part of the Historical Melaka. Thanks to the large trees the walk was not too bad

My Verdict

A good slow walk up the hill. We went in the evening which made it quite hot. I supposed the mornings are better with all the greenery around. But it’s alright as there are a number of large trees to shade us. As there are many stairs. This is not a place for the elderly and wheelchair bound. But the view from the top of the hill is spectacular. Do note at times there will be lots of tourist.



My Hotel Review Imperial Hotel Melaka

Chose this place due to its location. The location was very strategic as it was in the middle of town. We have atayed in Hatten Melaka before. Which was nice. But chose this place for the reason that it had a family room. So my kids could sleep comfortably and the room was bigger.
The Heritage Melaka is located in between the Equatorial Hotel and the Hatten Hotel. Its just across the road to Dataran Pahlawan and other historical places. So food will not be an issue. Only issue I found here is the parking. Its quite small. I suppose there is not enough parking cause cars are parked on the ramp. Which makes it hard to drive up or down. Especially of you are driving a big car.
Our room was on the 6th floor. Lifts are small and always full. On occasions we had to use the staircase down. Its was quite difficult with kids in the tow.
Room was clean but showing signs of neglect. The television also had limited channels and our television was not very clear. Another signs of aging.


Breakfast was served at the 3rd from 7.00am till 10.00am. I feel its too early to close especially as most people like to wake up late for the holidays. Food is ok. Nothing spectacular.

My Verdict
This hotel has a great location but the management need to look into details to make the stay better. Alot of itema in room was not working. Noticed that they were doing some sort of renovation on the 3rd floor. So I suppose they are trying to improve this place. Hope for the better.



12 Essential Hotel Room Safety Tips

Read These Tips Before Your Next Hotel Stay

By Paul Riegler on 19 February 2015

Perhaps one of the last things travelers think of when planning a trip is hotel security, but it is not a trivial matter. The joy and excitement from a day of adventures or successful business meetings will quickly dissipate if upon your return you find the room has been ransacked, or worse, that there is an intruder in the room.

Most hotels continually review and update their safety and security protocols, and keeping guests safe is always a top priority. Nonetheless, experts recommend that guests remain vigilant, just in case.

Darryl Hill, director of safety and security at the InterContinental Toronto Centre, offered several precautions many guests might not think of. His hotel issues keys in sleeves with the room number indicated inside the sleeve. He suggests tossing the sleeve (many guests usually keep the key card in the sleeve) so that “there is no room number associated with it” if it’s ever misplaced.

Hill also suggests making sure the room door actually closes, pointing out that “chains or other objects will block the door from completely closing,” and Darrell Chaneyfield, InterContinental Hotels Group’s director of security for the United States and Canada, recommends that guests report anything “suspicious” to the hotel.

Indeed, a little paranoia is good when traveling, as fires, break-ins, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks do occur. Just last week an FBT staffer had to evacuate his hotel room when a dryer in the hotel’s laundry room caught fire.

Taking a few minutes to take some precautions is never a bad idea. Here are some basic tips and best practices that you should become familiar with before your next trip.

1.) Before booking your stay, look at the area surrounding the hotel. Is it considered safe by locals? Is it safe to walk around after dark? Are crime and/or terrorism a threat in the city you will be visiting?

2.) With respect to choosing a hotel, find out if the front desk is staffed 24 hours a day. Is access to guest floors restricted by key card or some other means?

3.) When checking in, avoid a ground floor room if possible. Many experts recommend a room as low as the third floor and as high as the sixth, making break-ins unlikely but your floor will be low enough so that fire department ladders can reach you should an emergency arise.

4.) Once in your room, keep the door locked at all times. This includes deadbolts, security chains, and those newer swinging metal security bars. Don’t leave your door propped open – ever – even if just running down the hall.

5.) If someone knocks on your door claiming to be hotel staff and you haven’t requested the service, call the front desk before opening the door to verify that it is in fact a hotel employee.

6.) Protect valuables including important papers and passports by leaving them in the room safe which, although not 100% secure, offers protection from casual interlopers.

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