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My Bucket List after this Covid 19 Pandemic

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As I am stuck in my wife’s hometown of Kuala Kangsar due to the sudden Lockdown by the Malaysian Government. We were actually in Penang when the Lockdown was announced. But managed to reach Kuala Kangsar, on the day it was implemented. So we still could move back freely. However we couldn’t go back to Port Dickson. Due to the distance. So I am stuck here with a low internet coverage as my in law’s house is really deep in. But its a very nice place to relax. This is one of the reason I am not able to post about our recent trip to Penang. However with all the free time in my hand. I could really plan a bucket list of places to visit after this Pandemic clears. And it will. Thanks to the great people in our Health Ministry. THANKS ALOT GUYS.

To start with my bucket list. I was actually planning to go to Sekinchan in April cause its when they start planting the paddy. However that is on hold due to the Pandemic.


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We have been to Kedah to show my kids about how rice is produced and where its grown. There is a very nice Muzium there, dedicated to everything about rice. Museum Padi was really educational for the kids and also us. However I have just found out that at Sekinchan there is activities of planting Paddy that families can get involved. This kind of experience is what I am always looking for. There’s is even activities of cycling around the paddy fields. A great activity for my ‘Budak Bandar’. I have also a little quaint homestay to stay here overlooking the paddy fields. Called the Padi Box. Hope its still open after the Lockdown.
Something about Sekinchan. Sekinchan is in the state of Selangor. It is one of the main producers of rice apart from Kedah. People go there for the green paddy fields. So its best to get more details about when the start planting and the best time to be there. What the people in Padi Box mentioned to me was the best time to be in Sekinchan is between April till July. Apart from the paddy fields and its activities, we plan can also go for the Sky Mirror Tour and also the Fishing Village Tour. That will be in another post for later days


“Masjid Kristal” by milesleam is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 
When I was working in Cherating. The Terengganu border was just 20 minutes away. But back then about 20 years ago it was still a bit backward. There were nothing much to see, only the beautiful beaches. I only managed to visit the Pasar Payang, in Kuala Terengganu. But back then it was shops with mainly selling brass ware. As we were there for work, we didn’t go anywhere else. Going through Instagram pics on places in Terengganu, I found nowadays there is alot of places to see. Like the Terengganu Drawbridge, Masjid Kristal, Pasar Payang (Central Market), Taman Tamadun Islam. 
While working in Terengganu, I read that there were this guy buying up old malay traditional houses and restoring them at his resort to its original state but with modern facilities. Some of the houses were as old as 100 years. A few of our hotel guest visited the resort and mentioned that the resort was beautiful. Didn’t get a chance to visit the area, as I was transfered out. Lately found back the resort on Instagram. Its called Terrapuri. It still have the old houses. Now there’s 29 houses. Plan to visit this place when I am in Terangganu.


“Glamping In The UK” by Camping Holidays is licensed under CC BY 2.0 
When I was in the Scouts during school days. I loved to go camping. Loved the whole outdoor things like cooking over open fire, campfires, hiking and so on. But alas my kids are being brought in town with very protective parents . Thats us. Well I guess all parents nowadays are like that. Luckily my wife’s hometown in quite remote. So my kids get to try things like peel and grate coconuts, climb trees. 
I would love to bring them for camping. Luckily nowadays, there’s Glamping. Glamping is the short form for Glamorous Camping. Camping with some amenities of a resort. Like fans, nice comfortable beds. Some even comes with toilets attach. Most are large tents with this amenities inside.  I researched and found that Malaysia also have a few places like this. One is the Sunway Tambun in Ipoh. The Glamping site is located in the Lost World of Tambun. Next to a lake. There is even packages offering entry into their theme park which is just walking distance. And from the pictures in their website the room looks very cost. A little five star in the woods.
Apart from Sunway Tambun, there are lots more glamping sites in Penisular Malaysia. There is the Caravan Serai in Pahang, Tadom Hills in Selangor, Kanopi Villa in Bentong, Gopeng Glamping

PENANG a revisit

“Malaysia Penang- Georgetown KOMTAR Building-01&” by Sheba_Also 43,000 photos is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 
I would love to revisit Penang. There were few places that I had plan to visit but couldn’t. One is time constrained. One more is due to the Covid lockdown. As I noticed Penang is only a 2 hour drive from Kuala Kangsar. If the Lockdown is lifted before the Hari Raya holidays. Might just take a drive there. We still like the beach at Batu Ferringhi, but will look somewhere else. I like to stay at different places. Maybe somewhere nearer to the night market. So we can just walk around.
Some of the places that I had planned for the last trip was the Teddy Bear Muzium. It was just a few minutes drive from the Hard Rock Hotel Penang. But alas it was closed one day before the Lockdown. Will visit again. Another few more places that I had planned was the Top at Komtar with its Rainbow Skwalk. There is also the Jurassic Research Centre, Penang State Gallery, Penang Boutique Aquarium and more.


A Visit to Tropical Fruit Farm Melaka

Minus the fruits

As always I was searching for something unique and educational to bring my ‘budak bandar’ kids this weekend. Some place close to Port Dickson. So we don’t spend time on the road. I’ve heard that there’s a fruit farm somewhere in Melaka. With loads of fruit trees to see. Its called the Melaka Tropical Fruit Farm in Sungai Udang. I will put the map at the end of this post.
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As we had a wedding to go to in Port Dickson, we reach there around 4pm. Do take note the place closes at 5pm. As we were so fascinated with the place we forgot about time. The caretaker were kind enough to wait for us until 5.30pm. The charges is very cheap. RM8 for grown-ups and RM6 for kids. After you pay the entrance fee, you will be given a pack of dried corn to feed the ostrich or the deers. There were very little people there. Everyone feared the Covid 19 virus. Or everybody realized that there were no fruits available. Cause there were not a single fruit on the trees.
You start at the Rabbit house. The kids got really excited carrying little bunnies and playing with them. The larger rabbits are kept in a cages. The best thing about this place is you can drive around in your own car. There is a tar road around the farm. After the Rabbit house, we took a drive to the Quail house passing by bamboo plantation and fruit trees minus the fruits. Very sad.

There were nothing much to see in the Quail House. The staff at entrance mentioned. They are in the midst of replacing the quail with something else.

Then we moved to the animal enclosure which had cows, ostrich and deer. You could feed the ostrich and deer with the corn they provided at the entrance. But we fed the deer. My kids enjoyed feeding the deer.
After that we drove looking at different fruit trees. I even found out how a durian flower looks like. LOL.
In the middle of the park there’s a lake with little chalets that you can rent. Also a camp ground. There were a bunch of school kids camping there.

My verdict

It is a decent spot to visit, as the large is large and you can feed of bigger animals like deers, ostriches and cows. As per the staff there the best time to visit is June to Sept. They said you can pick and taste the fruits when it is in season. Be that as it may, durian is chargeable. The good thing is that you can move inside the comfort of your own vehicle, rather than strolling in the sun. Best of all, my ‘budak bandar ‘ kids got to feed the deers. They were not keen about feeding the ostrich. They had a ton of fun. Everybody dozed off on the way back.

Entrance Fee :- RM8 Adults
                              RM6 Children
Address :-  Melaka Tropical Fruit Farm
                    Pusat latihan Sungai Udang  

                    Sungai Udang Village, Melaka, Malaysia
Telephone :– 06-351 6916


A New Chapter in Travel at – Vanlife

When I was studying in Kuala Lumpur, some 30 years ago. I came across a Volkswagen Kombi that have been converted into a campervan complete with a kitchen and a stove. I was so intrigued. The idea of having a campervan to travel was nice.
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Until now I still have this idea of buying a Volkswagen Kombi and converting into a campervan. But with present day commitments and kids. It was not practical to buy a Kombi. So I settled for an Alza. But I still watch videos and read articles on setting up Campervans. Thats where I came across this Youtube Channel “24traveller”. Here I saw people converting ordinary cars to campervans and travelling around.
So I planned what items I needed to make my Alza as comfortable for my family of five to travel. We might not sleep in it overnight but it will be nice to just park anywhere and rest comfortably before our next journey.

Well below are the things that I purchased, mainly online to make my mini campervan.
  1. USB Extender – to add length to my usb wire. 2 nos
  2. Magnetic Led Rechargeable Lights 3 nos – incase we stay out late
  3. Picnic Table with benches – For Dining
  4. Camper Shower Bag – for showering and washing up
  5. Fan – 3nos- to cool us
  6. Changing Tent – for changing and showering
  7. Beach Tent – for shaded resting during the day
  8. Mini Solar panels – for electricity
  9. Inflatable beds 2 nos – for sleeping
  10. Car Cooler Bag – for storing cool drinks
  11. A foldable picnic chair
  12. Some plastic plates and cup
Our first camp picnic was at the Pantai Cahaya Negeri in Port Dickson. This place is normally full on weekends with families camping. The place is well lit at night and have toilet facilities until quite late. We didn’t camp overnight but spend the day just on the beach. All in all it was a fruitfull first camp/picnic trip.

So do come back for more of my Travel At Malaysia escapes.

Sealife Malaysia at Legoland Johor, Malaysia

On the last day of our Legoland holiday, we went into the Theme Park again. Reason being my princess wanted to drive again. And the rest wanted to go on the Dragon Roller Coaster. We spent another 2 hours at the Park. After that we cooled off at the Sealife Malaysia which was air conditioned.

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, we earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.

The Sealife Malaysia is a rather new addition to Legoland Johor. Its an interesting sea life aquarium with many different sea species on display. Its not as big as the Aquaria KLCC but had better displays than the Water World in Langkawi. The displays were really vibrant.

The staff were also very helpful and friendly. As with all the staff at Legoland. They took their time answering all our enquiries. Especially the nice guy that was taking care of the Stingray Display. I loved seeing stingrays swim. They are so graceful. They were so lively. The staff there mentioned they are young stingrays. That is why they are so frisky and it was about to feeding time.

The seahorse displays were also beautiful. The lady there showed us the different spicies and also the difference between male and female.

They even have a little treasure hunt which kids could do and learn about fishes. Sold at a very reasonable price. I felt like that was a good idea as kids can learn about the sealife during the tour. Rather than just walking around admiring the fishes.
The interactive colouring station is very innovative and fun for both kids and adults. This place is not too big, so you can cover all the exhibits in less than 2 hours.

My Verdict

Sea Life Malaysia was interesting and educational. Its a nice place to cool off. You can visit it after your day at the Theme Park. Their staffs are a real gem. They were willing to answer our questions and queries. Which other aquariums that we have visited lacked. This place is not too big, so can cover all the exhibits in less than 2 hours.


Rebuilding Up Fun at Legoland Johor Malaysia

A Revisit to Legoland Theme Park

As with the Legoland Hotel, we returned to the Legoland Theme Park because of my princess. And furthermore that we had a ton of fun the last time. This time I was fortunate. I purchased the Triple Pass Ticket and got the unlimited 365 daily entry Triple Park Pass for one year. So we could go in whenever we want too.
Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, we earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.
We had an early breakfast and waited outside the entrance early. Point to note. They don’t permit outside food and beverages into the park. The security will check your bags. But they do standby chiller lockers for rent to store in case you brought anything.
We started at the Driving School for my son. And princess took the Junior Driving School. Which she like so much so that we had to come back the next day.

Then we headed over to the Boating School. We had so much fun, should have heard mummy laughing.

Then the Lego City Airport. Later to Pharaoh’ s Revenge shooting baddies. Then to the much anticipated Ninjago Ride. A fun 3D ride. Wanted to go again the next day but alas there were some technical issues

Had ice cream at the Burger Junction to cool down. Then a short stopover at the Duplo Playtown with a mini train ride. Took a 360 view of Legoland from the Observation Tower.

As everyone was tired, we skipped the Lego Kingdoms. But we came back the next day. Here my wife and eldest son took a roller coaster ride on the The Dragon. Later they took a ride on the Dragon Apprentice roller coaster which was slightly smaller.

We ate at the Asian Deli by the Lego Academy. Athough its was a bit costly but it was delicious. While the wife and the two littler children were resting at the Asian Deli. I and the oldest made a beeline for the Star Wars show. We were so charmed the wonderful Star Wars creation that we go through 20 minutes in there. Really sad that this display is finishing toward the year’s end.

As everyone was tired we headed back to our room. Took a 2 hour rest and headed to the Lego Waterpark. We had a good time there too riding the Build A Raft river.

Our Verdict

The entire family particularly the youngsters loved it so much. Everything is so clean and they took extraordinary effort in guaranteeing safety of each ride. Indeed, even the Waterpark, safety was taken consideration off. There were free flotation jackets for the grown-ups and kids free if charge. Furthermore, there were lifeguards station at each corner. Will return as we currently have a 365 every day passage Triple Pass.