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A Glimpse at Langkawi’s Folklore – Makam Mahsuri

A must visit place when you are in Langkawi. Here lies the tomb of Mahsuri. Mahsuri was a young lady who lived in Langkawi whose family moved from an island in Thailand during the late eighteenth century. She was believed to be extremely beautiful. Her beauty led her downfall. When she was falsefully accused for adultery. On the day of her execution, she cursed the island of Langkawi to seven generations of misfortune. The curse has now lapsed and that is the reason Langkawi is booming. Google about this old stories, it will most likely make your visit fascinating.

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At the entrance there are a traditional band, comprising mainly of woman. Playing soothing traditional music on traditional instruments.



Later you will walk the path to Mahsuri’s tomb. This complex isn’t just about the tomb there are more fascinating things to see. You can stroll through shady trees with seats on the side for you to relax.



There are malay wooden houses which you can go into. Mind you, you have to remove shoes before going into the houses. Most places in Malaysia is this way. Indeed, even in Malaysian homes, we don’t wear shoes in our homes. There are houses with an replica of ancient wood fire kitchen. An replica of the chieftains house. With potrait of the Mahsuri and her seven generations. One even houses a quaint Malay café where you can sit and have beverages and light snacks. All through the complex,there are information on various things around. Which is fairly educational.



My Verdict

The whole complexs is well planned out with ample walking space. There’s even a well which locals believe to have medicinal benefits. Along the path to the well, you will come across a shed with local women preparing local sweets. We bought some to eat on our way to the next destination. Below one of the houses, you will find traditional equipments used in the production of rice. There are a parking and modern toilets. A must visit place. Really worth the nominal entrance fee.
Opening Hours :- 8am till 6pm
Address :- Kampung Mawat , Mukim Ulu Melaka
Entrance fee :- RM10 adults and RM5 child


My Hotel Review – Berjaya Langkawi Resort

My Little villa in the Jungle. Berjaya Langkawi Resort

The Berjaya Langkawi Resort is a wonderful retreat which has two very different room atmosphere. You can either stay at the “Rain forest Villas” of which you will be surrounded by rich greenery. Or in “On The Water Villas” which is situated on the ocean. As we have stayed on the water previously. Not in Langkawi but somewhere else. We chose the “Rain forest Villas”. And we were not disappointed.

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We were given room 3160 and 3159. The villa was perched stilts on a slope surrounded by enormous trees. The room had a simple and modern design. All villas are located good distance from one another. So there a kind of privacy as every villa is surrounded by trees. Peaceful. Every villa had their own air conditioner and water heaters. And also the basic amenities that you normally find in 5 star hotels. Just be aware there are a lot of monkeys around. Don’t leave your windows or doors open. I saw few monkeys stealing food from guest plates during breakfast. Which was fairly entertaining to my three children.

Woke up early, had my morning coffee on the balcony, enjoying the peacefulness. Heavenly especially with the busy schedule I had prior to this holiday.
For moving around, there is shuttle services provided. But I suggest if your room is not too far from the lobby take a slow walk. Enjoy the surrounding nature. All the way you will be serenaded by the sound of crickets.
Breakfast was excellent. But a little crowded. What do expect, it was the Malaysian School Holidays. The staff handled the breakfast crowd well. And also handled the monkeys too. LOL. For dinner we had buffet for both days as the ala carte restaurants were full. Food was ok, nothing much to shout about.
There are a kid’s pool, kid’s club, adult pool and water sport activities. And of course a very lovely beach. But we didn’t get a chance to try it as the weather was bad when we stayed there.

My Verdict

Berjaya Langkawi Resort is an incredible place to stay. Particularly the Rain forest Villas. Missus wants to return again. Perhaps when the climate is better, so we can spend more energy on the beach. Staffs are friendly. Particularly the buggy driver that brought us to our room.
A suggestion the lobby shop ought to have a few souvenirs with the Berjaya Langkawi Resort Logo. So as we can bring back memories of Berjaya Langkawi Resort.
An incredible place to stay. If you are looking for a place free of bugs and creepy crawlies, avoid this place. Here you will share the space with nature. HEAVENLY
Berjaya Langkawi Resort
Address :- Karung Berkunci 200 Burau Bay, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah
Tel No:- + 60 (4) 959 1888



Fish Roe Asam Pedas at Asam Pedas Osamin Assam Pedas

Melaka is famous for their Assam Pedas. Asam Pedas simply meanssour and spicy”. What it is, is a soury spicy broth that goes well with fish. I like my Asam Pedas with slices of Stingray. The sourness comes from sour tamarind juice and the spicyness is from fresh chili peppers.
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My goddaughter introduced us to this place in Teluk Mas that serves Fish Roe Assam Pedas. Something unique that we never have tasted. Therefore we were game on trying it. The shop is called “Asam Pedas Osamin Melaka”. As with most of my post here, I have attached a Google Map location of this place.

The shop is a typical Malaysia coffee shop. Non air-conditioned but cooled down with large fans. Its located just next to the SK Teluk Mas. Where you can park your car. Do go early cause we reach there at 12.00 noon luckily and the place got filled up by 12.30pm.
When you walk into the restaurant, you will find plates of pre-portion asam pedas with a variety of fish and fish roe.

There is also a variety of pre-plated grilled fish to chose from if you don’t fancy asam pedas.

There was also a wide variety of meats, seafood and vegetables but we went there for the asam pedas. So we took a plate of Fish Roe Asam Pedas. We also individually took some dishes from the counter. I had the “Quaill Egg Sambal” which was spicy but tasted yummy.

My Verdict

If you want to taste authentic fish roe asam pedas, then this is the place for you. Its quite out of town and you might have to use your Waze or Google Maps to find it. Parking is at a school carpark, so was ample as we went on a Sunday. On a school day it might be packed. It might be hot but with ample fans around should alright. Price was alright. We had a plate of fish roe asam pedas, 4 plain rice, 6 cold beverages, same dishes from the counter. This came up to RM44.00. Word of caution. After you have taken your food, let the staff there calculate how much it is cause for everyone. She will write in a piece of paper and hand it to you. When paying just hand this slip to the cashier.
Address :- KM 10 Kampung, Kampung Jawa, 75460 Telok Mas, Melaka
Open Daily from 8.00am till 5.00pm (closed on Wednesdays)


The St. Paul’s Hill- A little climb to History

The St. Paul's Hill- A little climb to History

After the Malacca Sultanate Palace, we opt to go up the hill to the St. Paul Church. We start at the bottom at the Porta de Santiago. The Porta de Santiago is what’s left of the A Formosa Fort. The Porta de Santiago is the most famous historical landmarks in Melaka. And you can see by the number of people visiting the Porta de Santiago. The Porta is actually a small gate house of the fortress.




After the photo opt at the gate, we walked up a flight of stairs to the St. Paul’s Church. The walk-up is great and large trees provided some shade from the evening sun. Along the way there are locals selling their wares such as paintings, small souvenirs and so on. The walk up is worth it. Reason being upon reaching up, the view is spectacular. You can see the old Malacca for miles. Upon reaching the top you will come to the ruins of the St. Paul Church.


Inside the church there are many tombstones and also the grave site where St. Francis was buried before his body was exhumed to be buried in Goa.

At the entrance there is a statue of St.Francis. The statue had one of its hands missing due to a bomb during the second world war.

We followed the path which brought us down to the other part of the Historical Melaka. Thanks to the large trees the walk was not too bad

My Verdict

A good slow walk up the hill. We went in the evening which made it quite hot. I supposed the mornings are better with all the greenery around. But it’s alright as there are a number of large trees to shade us. As there are many stairs. This is not a place for the elderly and wheelchair bound. But the view from the top of the hill is spectacular. Do note at times there will be lots of tourist.



Malacca Sultanate Palace, Melaka

Stepping into the lives of the Ancient Melaka Sultan

A beautiful replica of the original Sultan Mansur Shah’s 15th-century palace. It is build the traditional way, without any nails. According to historical records, the original was destroyed a year after the sultan ascended the throne by lightning.
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The outside the building is overwhelming. The garden areas are well taken care off.

At the entrance, you will find a miniature replica of the palace.

Inside it depicts some Melaka history and palace life. The three-storey museum is divided into eight chambers where you can see a variety of weaponry, decorative arts, traditional costumes, brassware, jewellery and more. Plus there are three galleries depicting famous legends through dioramas.
The first diorama would be the Sultanate chamber meeting. Which what it might have been like in those days.

Then on to the Sultan’s bedchambers

There’s also a diorama depicting the epic battle between two best buddies Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat.

And various different dioramas of different merchants and their wares when traded in Melaka.

My Verdict

It’s good for an educational tour. Visitors must remove their shoes before entering as it’s a Malaysian culture. We do not wear shoes in the house. So don’t wear your espensive shoes. As you will have to leave it outside. It’s not wheelchair friendly, due its many staircase. The museum opens from 9am till 5pm. Entrance fee for citizen of Malaysia RM3.00 adults and RM2.00 Child. For non citizen RM5.00 for adults and children RM2.00. The entrance fee is very nominal for the information you will receive.

Address :- Jalan Kota, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka

Contact No;- 06-282 6526

Open Hours :- 9.00am till 5.00pm (Closed on Mondays)

Entrance Fee :- Malaysian Citizen RM3.00 (Adults) and RM2.00 (Child)

Non Malaysian RM5.00 (Adults) and RM2.00 (Child)

Then after that on to the St. Paul Hill