Artic feel at Snowalk@ i-City

My Review of Snowalk @ i-City

We all came here thinking you will see snow. That we could make snowman, throw snowballs and so on. Nonetheless it was more of a huge freezer. At the entrance you were provided with only jackets. They need to provide boots and even gloves. It was really cold inside. You are then ushered to a huge open space with snow reproductions and snowmen, you could get your photograph taken and buy at the end on the walk. We didn’t buy the photograph cause the background look so cheap like a shopping centre Christmas decoration. LOL

You walk along a walkway with lighted ice sculptures. You have to becareful cause its quite slippery. There snow castles, igloo and even giant chess sets. We couldn’t stay long as it was too cold for the kids.

There was a small fusball field which I felt was kinda weird. Football on ice. What they should have done was add games with a winter theme like curling, ice hockey.

At the end the was a train ride. Of which we did not take cause everyone was Frozen.

There is “Ice Adventure” in the same vicinity. BUT. it is not included in the entrance fee that you pay to get into Snowalk.

My Verdict

it is really cold inside, need to wear heavy cloth, and need to use good shoes ( waterproof) . It was like walking into a freezer. We didn’t stay long cause it was too cold for the kids. Its ok if you want to feel how cold it is in the North Pole. But we were expecting snow. That we could throw or build a snowman Staff were friendly. Its just a one off thing. Might not return.

i-City Snowalk Ticket Price

Adult : RM 25

Children : RM 20

Opening hours of i-City Snow House:

Monday to Thursday: 7.00pm to 11.00pm

Friday to Sunday:7.00pm to 12.00am


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