An Outing in Historical Melaka

Historical Part of Melaka

There are a lot new things comimg up in Melaka. You can always find something new to see and do here. So this Awal Muharam holiday, we went on a trip to the Historical part of Melaka. As it was raining, we couldn”t walk around. We opt to visit places that had shade.

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Melaka Maritime Museum

The Melaka Maritime Museum is actually a replica of a Portuguese ship named “Flor De La Mar”. In the museum, you can get a closer look at Malacca Maritime history from the Malay Sultanate of the 14th century to the Portuguese era, the Dutch era and the British era. There are also little replicas of ships that once came to Melaka during its heydays. My suggestion is to avoid public holidays or weekends as the museum is quite small and get a litle hot stuffy when there’s a large crowd.

There are lots of models of ships that have stopped over in Melaka.

Melaka River Cruise

Melaka River was where it all began. It was the meeting point for traders from the east and west. A few years ago the state government embarked on an effort to beautify the river. Their effort was great for tourism as now you can take a river cruise. What used to be unsightly kitchens or toilets of the houses along the river, now is beautiful buildings and little cafes. There are lots to see along this 45minute cruise. You can take the cruise from the jetty next to the Maritime Museum or from Taman Rempah in Pengkalan Rama.

When you Travel at Malaysia, you will sure to find new things. Cause Malaysia has lot to offer. 


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