Makam Mahsuri. A Glimpse at Langkawi’s Folklore


A must visit place when you are in Langkawi. Here lies the tomb of Mahsuri. Mahsuri was a young lady who lived in Langkawi whose family moved from an island in Thailand during the late eighteenth century. She was believed to be extremely beautiful. Her beauty led her downfall. When she was falsefully accused for adultery. On the day of her execution, she cursed the island of Langkawi to seven generations of misfortune. The curse has now lapsed and that is the reason Langkawi is booming. Google about this old stories, it will most likely make your visit fascinating.

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At the entrance there are a traditional band, comprising mainly of woman. Playing soothing traditional music on traditional instruments.



Later you will walk the path to Mahsuri’s tomb. This complex isn’t just about the tomb there are more fascinating things to see. You can stroll through shady trees with seats on the side for you to relax.



There are malay wooden houses which you can go into. Mind you, you have to remove shoes before going into the houses. Most places in Malaysia is this way. Indeed, even in Malaysian homes, we don’t wear shoes in our homes. There are houses with an replica of ancient wood fire kitchen. An replica of the chieftains house. With potrait of the Mahsuri and her seven generations. One even houses a quaint Malay café where you can sit and have beverages and light snacks. All through the complex,there are information on various things around. Which is fairly educational.



My Verdict

The whole complexs is well planned out with ample walking space. There’s even a well which locals believe to have medicinal benefits. Along the path to the well, you will come across a shed with local women preparing local sweets. We bought some to eat on our way to the next destination. Below one of the houses, you will find traditional equipments used in the production of rice. There are a parking and modern toilets. A must visit place. Really worth the nominal entrance fee.
Opening Hours :- 8am till 6pm
Address :- Kampung Mawat , Mukim Ulu Melaka
Entrance fee :- RM10 adults and RM5 child


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