Muzium Tentera Darat, Port Dickson. A Boy’s WonderLand

Army Museum Port Dickson

Port Dickson is known as ” the Army town” due to its large army and training base located here. Together with that they also have the largest Army Museum in Malaysia. Its listed on the Tripadvisor’s No 1 thing to do in Port Dickson. So its a must visit when you are in Port Dickson.

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The museum is has sections an open area and air conditioned rooms. But the main attraction were all at the open area. Here there is a a train and carriage, fighter jets with even their missiles attached, helicopters, various cannons, loads of tanks, a UN Peacekeeping jeep and even a large Satellite Dish. My son enjoyed exploring the army vehicles. We spent almost an hour outside. There is also a monument for those that was killed in the line of duty.

Too cool down, we went indoors to the various indoor exhibits. There is different rooms with artifacts from different era like the Melaka Sultanate Era, Dutch and Portuguese Era, British Era, Our Independence till today.

There is even an Communist Underground Tunnel which comes out the other side. Walking through the tunnels there are little rooms with scenes of how was it during the Malayan Emergency.

We spent about 2 hours there.

Entrance is free.

Verdict :- A must visit if you are in Port Dickson. The museum was educational. And trust me if you have boys they surely loved. A Boy’s Wonderland.

Address :- Muzium Tentera Darat,
Kem Si Rusa,Persiaran Pahlawan,
71050 Port
Negeri Sembilan

Opening Hours :- Wednesday till Sunday 10.00 pagi – 5.00 petang

Closed :- Mondays and Tuesdays

Website :-  Muzium Tentera Darat 


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